MasterChef at Sea Rolling Out Across MSC Cruises Fleet

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Thanks to a new partnership, MasterChef at Sea is rolling across the fleet this Summer.

MSC Cruises has made a partnership with the producers and makers of MasterChef. This means a new MasterChef at Sea will be rolling out across the fleet this Summer as part of a new entertainment format.

Gianni Onorato, CEO of MSC Cruises commented:

“One of the key distinguishing features of an MSC Cruises holiday is the wide range of entertainment options available throughout the day and night to meet the needs of guests of all ages. This latest addition to the onboard entertainment has been created in partnership with MasterChef, one of the world’s most well-known food lifestyle brands to help bring an experience for our guests that combines a global passion for food with immersive entertainment. In creating this experience, we have tapped into the motivations of those who watch the hit TV show MasterChef and brought them to life with this new offering, to be inspired, to be entertained and to learn.”

MSC MasterChef At Sea mirrors the hugely popular TV show in the form of a cooking competition on board an MSC Cruises ship. Guests will have the opportunity to put their culinary flair and skill to the test whilst competing against other guests. This immersive, inspiring experience has been designed with the intention of bringing some MasterChef magic from the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina and China into the lives of MSC Cruises guests whilst at sea and encouraging culinary exploration.

Guests who participate while holidaying on one of MSC Cruises ships will be challenged in pairs to create a dish from a box of mystery ingredients, which will be judged by the MSC Cruises executive chef on board based on the presentation, taste and originality of their dish. Each cruise will see a new winner crowned and who will receive a MasterChef prize on board.

Look out for the new concept on your next MSC cruise and just like the cruise lines partnership with Cirque du Soleil it’s set to be a huge success.

MSC Cruises MasterChef at Sea

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MSC Cruises MasterChef at Sea
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