Man Totally Fails Riding Oasis of the Seas Waves

This funny but also crazy video shows Seth and his fat bike trying to cope with the waves from one of the world’s largest cruise ships.

Seth made his way to Port Everglades, Florida to see how his recently arrived $200 Mongoose Dolomite fat bike would sum up against a huge cruise ship. As you may or may not know a cruise ship will produce waves due to the powerful engines and the friction between the ship and the water.

Seth’s plan was to ride on the bike as the waves come back into shore. He posted on his YouTube page “My plan is to ride the Dolomite out onto the exposed sand when the water recedes, turning around just before the tsunami approaches. If I time it right, and pedal fast enough, the wave should help push me along back to shore. We’ll call it fat bike surfing.’

Watch The Epic Fail Below:

Once the water started to recede Seth really went for it but not in the way you think! He went for a major fail and was in too high a gear to gain any momentum on the waves. The waves coming from Oasis of the Seas soon took over and looked strong. At least the Dolomite bike could float back to shore. Seth posted “Yeah, so that didn’t go as planned. It’s hard for me to blame this on the bike, but it was stuck in too high of a gear for me to get going. I was putting all my weight on the pedals, but it was too little too late.”

Oasis of the Seas which is operated by Royal Caribbean was embarking on a Caribbean cruise out of Port Everglades. The ship departed the busy cruise port at 4:30PM and it can carry 5,400 passengers at double occupancy. The large ship is 220,900 gross tons.

Please don’t try this at a port near you, those waves are stronger than you think.


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