How to Make Your Cruise Better While Onboard

Sometimes, our cruise plans don’t work out exactly as we imagined them to unfold. Unfortunately, this can happen while you are already on the ship, sailing away to your dream destination. How do you put a stop to these unpleasant circumstances? How do you make it your ‘dream cruise’ again?

Here are a few tips on how to improve your cruise and give the experience a 360 degrees spin:

Make Your Cabin Extra Comfortable

Your cabin will be your new home for a stretch of days. Even if you have encountered a few bumps along the road to your perfect cruise, having a cabin that meets (or exceeds!) your needs will be the best way to cap off a day.

Bring out the clothes and accessories you plan to use for the next couple of days and hang them up so you’re basically get up and go anytime. Need some extra blankets and fluffier pillows when you snooze? Or maybe you need some fresh flowers to brighten up your space? Let the crew know what you require and get your cabin ready for some quality ‘chill’ time.

Forget About The Main Pool

Whether you’re going on a family cruise or on a romantic voyage, the pool area remains a common favorite. If your journey did not start off in the most pleasant of terms, then save yourself from stress and steer clear of the main pool area which is most likely crowded with guests.

If your cruise ship has multiple pools, consider checking out the smaller, more secluded ones that get less foot traffic. They may not offer the best ‘views’ or may not be the most convenient to get to, but they would certainly offer up a less strenuous experience than the people-packed main area.

Plan Out Your Dining Destinations Onboard

If you’ve encountered a few snags during the first hours of your cruise, or your first meal onboard ended up not as stellar as you expected, do not lose hope.

One of the perks of being on a cruise is having quick access to a plethora of world-class food choices. Make the most of this opportunity by planning where you are going to dine for the next few days.

While the main dining area makes for an okay default choice, you’ll find how easily your cruise can turn from average to special simply by inserting an elegant luncheon or a romantic dinner into the daily equation.

Try out the less-frequented cafes too for an extra delightful dessert experience – make sure to ask what their specialties are so you really get to have the best possible options.

If you’re not the spontaneous kind of person, you may want to pre-select these dining choices, plot them into your schedule, and make the necessary reservations so you don’t have to worry about getting good seats either.

Sign Up For An Onboard Activity

Need to shake off the negative vibes you got from a not-so-pleasant experience? Do something different! Cruise ships offer a really wide variety of activities – for the young and old, for the adventurous or the hopeless romantic, you’re sure to find something to preoccupy yourself with during the entire cruise.

You can either go with your ‘expected’ choices, or you can completely deviate from them! Think going on giant slides are scary? Conquer your fear and go on the highest one more than once!

Think cartoon character meet-and-greets are childish? Sign up for one and immerse yourself in the magical world that the little ones revel in. Haven’t been on a really wild party? Find out when the next one’s scheduled onboard and be part of the craziness!

There’s always something different that you can do on a cruise – all you have to do is choose it.

Time In The Spa Can Make Almost Anything Right

Stressed out too early in the trip? Don’t let it go on for more than a few hours! If you need some relaxing time as soon as possible, a trip to the spa is guaranteed to let you breathe out the negative energy. Sign up for your favorite massage, or just get ‘the works’ and let the spa staff pamper you from head to toe.

Cruise lines almost always have the best spa crew onboard and the time you spend in the ship’s spa facility are guaranteed to be worth it.

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Explore The Ship To Your Heart’s Delight

Your ship has a map, and there are always recommended spots that guests can visit. But, there will always be those precious nooks that are not really ‘pointed out’ on the map or deck plan.

Walk around the cruise ship, go wherever your heart and your feet take you. You can ask for help from the crew, or feel free to have a go at it on your own. This is a great way to find your own ‘sweet spot’ on the ship or to simply just blow off some steam after an unfortunate or unwanted circumstance.

Cruise ships are designed to provide you your dream vacation. While some details may go awry from time to time, you’ll find that there are always numerous ways to make it keep it magical until the end.

Christine Antoinette Guinto
Christine Antoinette Guinto
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