Luxury Cruise Ship Set To Sail Through The Melting Arctic Northwest Passage

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The northwest passage is open for business and not without controversy. Big spenders will be the first to sail the arctic which becomes possible do to climate change. Where do we go from here?

The Crystal Serenity, the first cruise ship to sail the northwest passage. Will make the voyage from Anchorage Alaska through northern Canada and down to the Eastern United States. The luxury cruise will come with a hefty price tag, which the average person surely cannot afford. The price will range from $25,000 to $250,000, and the choices are between a penthouse suite or veranda stateroom.

The trip is controversial. The reason why the voyage is possible because polar icecaps are melting. The irony is some would call it extinction tourism. A controversial term or the truth! Many ships have made the voyage through the northwest passage. Never before by a major cruise liner. Canadian legal scholar Michael Byers was invited to join the historic event but declined. The legal scholar commented on the matter.

Michael Byers Legal Scholar:

“The only reason that the passengers can go to the Arctic is because the Arctic is on the edge of a precipice,” says Byers. “The sea ice is melting and the ecosystem is being overturned. It’s a little bit like going to see an endangered species on the savannah of Africa or the Galapagos Islands because you don’t think it will be there in five or 10 years. I find that a bit perverse.”

The Crystal Serenity is considered one the most luxurious ships in the world. The voyage will be a month-long. The Canadian arctic includes over 19,000 islands. James Cook, the famed English explorer sailed through the dangerous passage from 1728 to 1779. A new luxury cruise due to an ecological disaster.

Crystal Serenity is operated by Crystal Cruises and is 68,000 gross ton vessel carrying almost 2,000 passengers at double occupancy.


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