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Largest Ever Carnival-Owned Cruise Ship to Float Out

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The largest ever Carnival-owned cruise ship for the German market is scheduled to float out as a whole for the very first time at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany. This will be a huge milestone for the cruise line as it is the first of a new generation of ships ordered by Carnival for several cruise brands.

Carnival Cruise Ship to Float Out

Aidanova will be the largest Carnival-owned cruise ship to date so you can understand why we’re looking forward to its arrival. The Aida Cruises vessel is scheduled to float out of the covered construction hall at the Meyer Werft shipyard on August 21. As long as weather conditions are good we’ll get to see the entire vessel for the first time.

The float out is set to begin at around 7 AM on Tuesday and inch by inch the new ship will emerge out of the hall. Aidanova will then be transferred to the outfitting dock nearby. While docked there the ship will receive further work including the installation of the mast and funnel cladding. Further work includes the fitting out of all interior spaces and tests on the LNG systems.

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Approximately 1,400 crew members will start to arrive while Aidanova is at the outfitting dock. The crew will come aboard the ship and start training. They will also begin setting up their departments ready for the first guests in mid-November 2018.

Aidanova, Hamburg Rendering
Rendering By: Aida Cruises

What’s to Come with Aidanova?

On August 31 an epic christening ceremony will be held at the German shipyard. The Live open-air show will headline DJ David Guetta and there will be 25,000 guests watching along with a large fireworks display.

In September, the shiny new Carnival ship will commence her Ems River conveyance towards the North Sea. Then not long after will sail to Eemshaven in the Netherlands for the final touches. Aidanova will be delivered from Meyer Werft to the Germany based cruise line Aida Cruises which is part of the Carnival Corporation on November 15, 2018, in Bremerhaven.

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The LNG powered ship will sail its maiden voyage from Hamburg on December 2, 2018 to the Canary Islands. The ship will offer year-round 7-day cruises catered for the German market. The same class ship which is fully powered on liquefied natural gas has also been ordered for Carnival Cruise Line, Costa Cruises, P&O Cruises and another for Aida Cruises.

The ship is 180,000 gross tons and feature over 2,600 passenger cabins.

Aidanova Artwork

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Aidanova Artwork
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