Cruise News Costa Cruises Large Cruise Ship Almost Strikes Venice Dock in Bad Weather

Large Cruise Ship Almost Strikes Venice Dock in Bad Weather

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A large Costa Cruise ship came very close to striking the dock in Venice, Italy during stormy weather conditions.

Costa Cruise Ship Almost Strikes Dock

The Costa Deliziosa came very close to hitting the dock in Venice, Italy on Sunday, July 7. The large ship operated by Costa Cruises was departing Venice during extremely storm weather conditions with heavy rain and high winds.

The high gusts forced the vessel to get frighteningly close to another smaller docked vessel and even a restaurant. Thankfully, with the help of a tug boat, Costa Deliziosa managed to stay clear and maneuver away from a collision. However, the stormy weather made it very difficult and dangerous sailing the Giudecca Canal. The ship also had its horn on to provide a warning.

The near miss was all captured on multiple videos posted on social media. One of the most popular ones was posted by Roberto Ferrucci and the footage has already gained over 72,000 views:

The Costa ship was departing to begin a 7-day Mediterranean cruise which includes calls in Italy, Greece, and Croatia. The vessel is scheduled to arrive back in Venice on July 14. Let’s hope the weather is better!

Thunderstorms are set to continue in Venice through Tuesday and warnings have been issued in the area. Costa Deliziosa is 92,700 gross tons with a passenger capacity of 2,200at double occupancy.

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This comes after MSC Opera collided with a smaller rover vessel and the pier in Venice on the morning of June 2. Thankfully there were no deaths but many had to scramble to get out of the way. The smaller vessel received extensive damage. You can read about it here.

Costa Cruise Ship In Venice Bad Weather

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Costa Cruise Ship In Venice Bad Weather
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