Just One Year Until New Cruise Line Private Island in the Bahamas

We’ve got just one year until the newest cruise line private island opens for cruise ship passengers. MSC’s Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve will be completed in November 2019 as development now moves into the final phase.

New MSC Private Island

There is now only one year to go until MSC Cruises opens up its new private island destination in the Bahamas named Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve. The development has now moved into the final phase which includes all the landscaping work and the construction of all the structures.

Over 75,000 native shrubs and plants will be planted including more than 60 types of indigenous Caribbean trees, grasses, flowers, and shrubs. The island will become a tropical lush paradise and become a stunning cruise destination for MCS guests.

MSC Cruises’ Executive Chairman Pierfrancesco Vago commented:

“It was a very special moment to be on the island together with the team that has been working non-stop on this incredible project to see how our vision is starting to take shape. Words cannot convey the unbelievable natural beauty of our island, and it is only when you have stood there for yourself, surrounded by nothing but beautiful ocean with nothing else on the horizon, that you can really understand what we are accomplishing here. I can’t wait to welcome in one year’s time our first guests to this truly magical place, a one-of-a-kind island experience that will set new standards for a private island experience in the Caribbean.”

MSC Ocean Cay, Private Island
Photo By: MSC Cruises

Worl will also soon begin on construction all the environmentally friendly structures. There will be over 100, including bars, restaurants, and housing for the workers who will live on the island. Construction will soon be underway on the lighthouse, which will become an iconic building on the Bahama island.

Ocean Cay will be a leading destination in the Bahamas featuring a pier so guests don’t have to tender back and forward, eight world-class beaches and even a central lagoon. The island will open in November 2019 and the cruise line will announce details on the guest experience in the coming months.


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