Cruise News Carnival Cruise Line Hurricane Irma Forces Cruise Lines to Evacuate Miami-Based Headquarters

Hurricane Irma Forces Cruise Lines to Evacuate Miami-Based Headquarters

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As Hurricane Irma reaks havoc across the Caribbean and cruise ships get out of the way South Florida and cruise line headquarters are preparing for its onslaught.

So far two major cruise lines have announced that they are evacuating their main Miami-based headquarters so that staff can stay safe out of Hurricane Irma’s path. Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean are activating procedures so that operations can still continue but employees are safe.

Carnival Cruise Line Headquarters

Carnival Cruise Line started closing its South Florida headquarters yesterday. This is so non-essential staff have time to make their Hurricane Irma preparations. Essential staff is currently operating remotely from the cruise lines Hurricane resistant facility in Miami. Carnival team members across all departments are still working remotely at the Hurricane resistant facility to make sure cruise ships are kept away from Irma as it heads towards South Florida.

Royal Caribbean Headquarters

Royal Caribbean is taking a different approach to Hurricane Irma. CNN reports that Enchantment of the Seas will be used for cruise line employees and their families wanting to evacuate South Florida. The ships September 8 & 11 sailings have been cancelled so it is able to take staff out to see until Hurricane Irma passes South Florida. Enchantment of the Seas will depart Port Miami by noon on Friday before the port will close later in the day or on Saturday. Enchantment of the Seas can carry over 1900 passengers at double occupancy.

Norwegian Cruise Line Headquarters

Norwegian Cruise Line closed its Miami headquarters in South Florida on Thursday at 2 PM. The head office is set to open again once Hurricane Irma passes and it is safe to do so. The cruise line has evacuated all key support staff outside of Miami and the storm zone. NCL has warned that because all support staff and key employees are working remotely there might be an impact on long waiting times from its call center.

Hurricane Irma Status

Hurricane Irma head Towards South Florida Track
Image By: National Hurricane Center

All cruise lines with ships in the Caribbean and even the U.S. east coast are monitoring Hurricane Irma and they are constantly adjusting ship itineraries accordingly. The powerful Hurricane is still a category 5 with maximum sustained winds of 160 MPH. Irma has already devastated popular cruise destinations of St. Marteen, St. Thomas and Grand Turk.

Carnival Cruise Line Miami Office

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Carnival Cruise Line Miami Office
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