How You Can Have That Unforgettable Christmas Cruise

Fairy lights are twinkling onboard, the ship is decked with boughs of holly, and you can’t help but go “Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!” Don’t resist the urge, Christmas is definitely the best time to go on a cruise!

During this time of the year, cruise lines make sure that the holiday cheer is felt from bow to stern.

There is themed food to tickle just about every palate, fun activities for the young and old (and even the in-betweens), and a dream destination to look forward to. Is there any other way to make this holiday trip even more memorable?

It’s a big event. Prepare.

How do you plan your usual Christmas dinner and Christmas Day celebration? Whether you pull all the stops or want it simple and sweet, you’d want to spend a little more time and attention to how you plan your holiday away from home.

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Choose your cruise depending on the experience you want to enjoy. If you want to sit back and relax, then opt for those destined for more private pockets of paradise. Those with chillier weather may most likely be less frequented than tropical shores.

However, if you’re up for basking under a warm holiday sun, then there’s always a Caribbean Christmas cruise waiting for you!

Since a cruise is not a one-day affair, looking into a ship’s amenities is just as important. Does it offer the creature comforts you and your family need? Does it have more than your average accommodations?

Widen your options too – don’t just choose one simply because it’s the most popular. Look into what each cruise line offers as a package, and in add-ons. Reading online reviews about those on your short list will also be worth your time and effort.

You’ll discover an important thing or two without ‘learning from experience’. And remember, pack accordingly!

There is so much to experience. Enjoy!

Before you go onboard, it’s essential that you also bring some of the holiday spirit with you! Take a Christmas outfit to wear, bring a small holiday decoration from home, and most importantly don’t be The Grinch. Be ready and willing to take part in most, if not all of the cruise’s Christmas activities.

Take a look at all these Christmas travel gifts from Amazon.

Make the most of your cruise by familiarizing yourself with the itineraries and daily schedules of your holiday journey. You can find these out even during the booking stage, but it also helps to have a handy copy of the schedule to check on throughout the cruise.

This way, you can plan out how go to that holiday dance, and the Christmas concert onboard, while still being able to squeeze in some time for the kids’ Christmas crafting activity – all before you go to port and start exploring your very special destination.

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Every feature added by cruise ships for their Christmas trips are definitely worth checking out. Plan your trip well, and take time to experience the activities – yes, even the ones meant for the little ones! Don’t be afraid to try out something you’ve never done before either, remember, Christmas is only once a year.

Find out how to sweeten the deal with a sprinkle of cruise treats.

Christmas is the season of glittery deals – take full advantage. During the booking stage or even when you’re already onboard, ask about any ongoing promos that you can avail. It can be a room upgrade, a free glitzy dinner, a special activity when you go to port, or even just a Christmas basket – anything to enhance your cruise experience will surely be welcome.

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You can also spread the holiday cheer by doing something special for a random stranger on the ship – it can be for an elderly couple, an adorable child, or even one of the ship’s crew. Paying the happiness forward will surely make your Christmas cruise one for the books!

Christine Antoinette Guinto
Christine Antoinette Guinto
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