How to Relax Onboard a Carnival Cruise Ship

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Cruise ships are huge activity venues so it is more important than ever to relax onboard a Carnival cruise ship. They have facilities to match pretty much all ages and interests so don’t worry because if you prepare right you can chill all cruise long!

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in queues, crowds, and an environment with a healthy amount of laughs, giggles, shouting, and jostling. Now if you’re going on a Carnival Cruise Line ship, you’re bound to see some really exciting days ahead.

Known for their amazing productions and truly entertaining family-friendly facilities, you might get the feeling that there just might be no ‘quiet times’ in your very near cruise future.

Don’t fret though – just as a Carnival cruise ship is set up to give you days upon days of thrilling activities, you’re also assured to get your share of must-have rest and relaxation. How? Here are some ways:

Book a Cabin That’s a Distance Away from Common Areas on the Ship

Usually, a cruise passenger would want to book a cabin that’s relatively nearer the ship’s activity hubs. But, if you don’t mind enjoying a bit of a walk, and would want some quieter quarters when you turn in for the night, then opt for interior cabins.

These cabins, though not completely quiet, are definitely more conducive to getting your daily dose of ‘less noisy’ time during the duration of your cruise.

Carnival’s standard interior cabins start at 185 square feet – so you’re sure to get cozy and comfortable when you decide to get away from the bustling areas of the ship.

Make sure that your cabin meets your little creature comfort needs by making advance arrangements, or just go over your specifics with your cabin attendant in case you have very specific requests (extra pillows or blankets perhaps?).

Get Yourself a Private Balcony!

One thing that interior cabins usually don’t have though are lovely views. If you want to see the sun streaming through your windows, with the beautiful blue ocean to look at every time you wake up, make sure that you get a room with its own private balcony.

This area will be your refuge from all the (fun) craziness of the rest of cruise ship – where you can enjoy the refreshing ocean breeze, an enriching conversation with your partner, friends, or family members, or just that requisite ‘me time’.

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If you’re traveling with family, let them know if there’s a specific block of time that you want to stay there undisturbed. Otherwise, you can always call this quiet of piece of cruise ship real estate ‘yours’ for the duration of the cruise.

Scope Out the Less Busy Corners of the Ship and Make a Beeline for Those Areas Every Day

The Carnival Cruise Line ships are huge. Bad news: This means you just might get ‘lost’ at one point or another. Good news: You just might find your favorite quiet spot on deck in the process!

Take that guided tour many choose to skip – and note which spots are mentioned to be ‘adult-only’. It’s easy to determine where passengers will flock too, so take careful note of those as well, and inquire about ‘peak hours’.

One such ‘quiet’ space onboard a Carnival ship is the aptly-named Serenity Deck or Serenity Adult Only Retreat. Just by the name, you already know this would be the place to go when you just want to lie down and soak up the sun, minus the screams and thrills of the more preferred waterparks.

This area has a chopped salad station, perfect for when you want a light meal but can’t will your body to leave the peace and quiet of the Serenity deck. Beverages are available at the bar too, so all you have to do is sit back and relax.

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Spa Appointments Are a Must

This really goes without saying – but a cruise journey will not be complete without a round of massages and treatments from Carnival’s stunning, well-equipped spas.

Some ships have the thalassotherapy pool (like the Carnival Breeze, Magic, or Splendor) at the Cloud 9 Spa which has revitalizing seawater, as well as water jets that can give you an invigorating massage.

They have a Thermal Suite too, which provides you with a controlled-temperature environment of various ‘zones’. Trained ‘climate artists’ can provide you with a dry heat space or that energizing steambath.

The spa also offers plenty of other relaxing treatments such as facials, aromatherapy hot stone massages, body wraps, acupuncture, and even hair and beauty services!

A visit to the spa may incur you some additional costs, but if you’re serious about letting go of all the stress in your system, it’s a must on your to-do list.

Don’t be surprised if you end up booking more than just one session – a Carnival ships’ spa can be quite the relaxation heaven.

Check Out All the Dining Venues and Give Yourself a ‘Dining Schedule’.

Another awesome thing about Carnival cruises is the wide variety of dining options. Don’t limit yourself to just enjoying the buffet at the main dining room – check out all the other alternative restaurants that are included in your fare, and even those that are not!

Not only will this give you a real culinary treat, it also means you can deviate from the more popular choices and avoid the queues and crowds.

Get a taste of Asian flavors at Mongolian Wok or Chopsticks one day, and then satiate your Cuban cravings at Havana Bar the next. No worries, dining in these areas are included in your cruise fare.

Make sure to pencil in a meal or two at the Steakhouse and The Chef’s table. Both will give you a premium dining experience, not to mention a taste of the chef’s best. You can have an exclusive tour of the kitchen too!

While these areas may have less variety than the crowd favorite buffets, these restaurants will provide you with delicious specialized dishes and yes, that precious opportunity of dining in relative calm and quiet.

Now that you know where and how you can soak up some rest and relaxation onboard a Carnival cruise ship, you can go on and give yourself some time to party!

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