How to Keep Your Kids Busy (And You Happy) On A Royal Caribbean Cruise

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Cruise travels are now becoming one of the modern family’s favorite means of bonding, some call it a ‘vacation-on-the-go’.

Parents love the value they can get from the experience, the places that can be visited and enjoyed in a span of days, and how it is simply an ‘all-in-one-go’ kind of escape. But all these happy conveniences are for naught, if the adults won’t be able to catch a break right? If you’re going on a Royal Caribbean cruise, then there’s no need to fret – you WILL get that precious opportunity!

Here are three sure-fire ways you can keep your children happily busy on your most-anticipated cruise vacay while you also get to switch on your relax mode:

Sign up for Sitters at Sea

Oh yes, you read that right! The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line offers you that golden window of time to actually have a nightlife, a dinner date, or just a few hours to yourself just relaxing or doing literally anything you want.

This service can be availed in a group setting (along with kids of other passengers) or as in-stateroom care (subject to sitter availability). If you decide to avail the latter, you must make reservations through the Guest Relations Desk 24 hours prior to when you’ll be needing the service.

Sitters at Sea service can be availed anytime from 8 am until 2 am, and is on a first come, first served basis.

If you have small kids (at least a year old), this would be the ideal way to keep them occupied while you make the most of your cruise vacay. The assigned sitters will bring toys, and will be ready with age-appropriate activities they can enjoy.

There is an extra charge for this (on top of your cruise fare), but let’s just say it’s totally worth the expense.

Make the most of the DreamWorks Experience!

If you have small kids, you’re most likely to have watched one too many DreamWorks’ animated movies. Your brood is simply crazy about them.

Well, good news – the Royal Caribbean has partnered with DreamWorks in 2010, and gives you a full-on encounter with their most popular characters onboard their ships! The activities connected to it can be enjoyed shipwide, so you can be anywhere onboard, and still get your children to take part.

The fun starts off with a colorful parade of popular DreamWorks characters like Shrek, Princess Fiona, and Puss in Boots. There will also be opportunities to ‘meet and greet’ with them. Themed activities are also held in the children’s areas, where characters also get to interact with the kids (think games, scavenger hunts, story time, etc.)

Want some sit-down movie time? They can enjoy some DreamWorks hits at select times on the pool deck’s giant screens.

If you’re cruising on the Allure of the Seas, you can also witness the Madagascar Aqua Show – a breathtaking themed presentation participated in by divers and acrobats. Best thing about the DreamWorks experience? It’s part of your cruise fare – so no need to worry about the charges piling up.

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Sign them up for age-appropriate activities

Kids have various interests. It depends on their age, and also on their personalities. Thankfully, you have many choices onboard a Royal Caribbean – there’s surely an activity or two for your kids that are bound to keep them hooked (and you get your chance to sit back, put your feet up, and drink that free iced tea) through the Adventure Ocean Youth Program.

Babies and toddlers can join interactive playgroups with other ‘Royal Babies’ and ‘Royal Tots’ which are held in the comfort of one of the ship’s kiddie lounge areas. These worry-free sessions are facilitate by trained and certified staff, and include fun games and learning activities in a safe and aptly-equipped environment. You can join your kids, or simply drop them off too.

For those in the more active age group of 3-11, the Royal Caribbean has so much in store too!

Those in the age 3-5 group can sign up for the Aquanauts program, where they can look forward to enjoying exciting science-themed adventures like Bubbling Potions and Jurassic Jr. Six to eight-year-olds are part of the Explorers program where they can take part in interesting fine arts and hands-on science activities.

Kids in the 9-11 age group are called Voyagers, and they get their fair share of onboard adventures through sports tournaments, scavenger hunts, talent shows, and so much more!

Your older children aged 12 to 17 don’t miss out on any of the fun either! The Royal Caribbean has pre-planned events for them like dodgeball games, movie nights, barbecue/pool parties, and even karaoke competitions! They even have a teen-only hangout and nightclub, so they’re less likely to complain about not having their own ‘me time’.

And of course, there’s the H2O Zone, which is literally the hub of fun for the young (and feeling young-at-hearts) ones! This waterpark comes complete with interactive geysers, slides, a splash pad, a wave pool, waterfalls, and even kid-friendly hot tubs. Cruise staff also keep careful watch of those in the H2O Zone, and rules are strictly enforced.

It is usually situated near the ship’s main pool and juice bar, so you can slip into a lounge chair and get your time under the sun, while still keeping watch of the kids. Warning: this area’s a favorite, expect to spend hours in this space throughout the cruise. This is your cue to bring out your favorite book, your stylish sunglasses, and oh, grab that ice-cold drink.

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