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How To Choose A Cruise Ship Cabin

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Booking a cruise is relatively simple: you decide where you want go, when, and how long you’ve got to enjoy your time. But the part where people usually get stuck is choosing which cabin type to go for. You’ll need to consider pricing options, what you need in your cabin, and any additional things that you might like.

There are a usually several different cabin types available. The basic option is the inside cabin; it is usually the smallest and cheapest one that you can get. It might turn you away from that cabin hearing that it’s pretty small and dark, due to the lack of window, but when you see cruise prices online, you’ll realise that that extra you’re paying for a tiny bit more space might not be worth it, particularly if you only plan to use the cabin for sleeping and storage. A plus with this type of room is that you can grab a few minutes of sleep at any time of the day due to the fact that there’s no window!

The outside cabins are one step up from the inside ones. They’re generally around the same size and have a similar layout, but they also have a small window or porthole. The main difference between the two cabins is the price: it can be anything from a small amount to hundreds. But if you feel claustrophobic easily or you just want to be able to see out, it might be worth paying that bit extra.

A balcony cabin is usually quite a bit bigger than the inside and outside cabins. The obvious difference is that they have their own private balcony and larger windows to access them, meaning that they’re a lot brighter. The downside is that this comes at a premium; prices can be double or triple as much for one of these rooms. It could be perfect for a treat though, so you can sit on the balcony coming into particularly spectacular ports or just relax in your own space during the day. But during the winter months or on a journey further north, you might not use the balcony as much as you think.

If you’re travelling with family or friends, an adjoining cabin might be right for you. If there are more than two of you together, a single cabin would be far too cramped. Therefore you can get cabins that have an adjoining door, meaning that you still get your privacy while also being close.

The final, and most expensive, type of cabin is the suite. These come in many different layouts and types, ranging from a simple one that’s a lot larger and more spacious than a balcony room, right up to ones with multiple rooms. There are even extra perks such as toiletries, fruit, champagne and even a personal butler! Of course, these are hugely more expensive, but if it’s a special occasion, such as a honeymoon or anniversary, this is a perfect way to treat someone.

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