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Holland America’s Best Cruises for Wildlife Lovers

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Second MSC Cruise Ship Restarts Operations

The second MSC cruise ship has resumed operations with a series of seven cruises in Europe out of Italy.

European Cruise Lines See COVID Issues On The Rise

While Cruise Lines sailing in Europe appeared to be relatively safe from significant issues so far, this week Costa Cruises had to cut a cruise short and MSC Cruises was not allowed to disembark passengers in Malta.

Florida Judge Could Hold Up Carnival’s Restart of Operations

While Carnival Corporation focuses on restarting operations in December, a Florida judge might throw a spanner in the works for them.

24 People on Distressed Boat Rescued by Carnival Cruise Ship

A Carnival cruise ship came to the rescue of 24 people just off the coast of Florida on Saturday after a small boat was in distress and was taking on water.

With 14 destinations going to over 473 ports of call, Holland America has an itinerary to pique any cruisers’ interest. Although every cruise has impressive amenities to keep guests entertained and relaxed throughout their trip, shore excursions offer an excellent opportunity to explore, learn, and discover new things.

For those interested in wildlife, Holland America has a variety of destinations that offer opportunities of the wild kind.

Alaskan Wildlife Excursions

Wildlife lovers will be in second heaven with the choices available at nearly every port of call on an Alaskan cruise with Holland America. Whale watching, wildlife sanctuaries, rainforest hikes, or a canoe safari through a national forest are all options for those interested.

Naturally, sightings cannot be guaranteed but in most cases are highly likely. As a bonus, wildlife sightings from on board are common. Dolphins often swim alongside the ships and whale sightings are frequently reported.

Cool Caribbean Choices

The Caribbean is a popular destination for all cruise companies and many of the ports can bring you up close and personal with the wildlife in these island destinations. Dominica excursions offer a chance to see and visit with rare parrots.

Boat to a stingray sandbar to touch and feed these gentle creatures in the Cayman Islands. Snorkeling is omnipresent and certified divers can delve deeper into their love of wildlife on the numerous scuba excursions available.

South American Encounters

There are unique and beautiful cruises around South America. In Argentina, you can take a boat to Beagle Channel to see a massive congregation of a variety of bird species and sea lions. The Falkland Islands offer a rare chance to view penguins as well as a separate excursion to see seals. Birds, water mammals, and indigenous flora and fauna await guests who head south.

Financing Your Trip and Saving Money on Board

Although cruises have a deserved reputation for having excellent travel value, being able to finance the entire trip is always a consideration.

Personal loans, savings accounts for travel purposes, and gifts can help you get where you want to be. Once on board, there are ways to save money so that you can enjoy all of the excursions you’d like to take.

All cruise lines offer promotions and Holland America is no exception. You can save big on your cabin cost by booking during promotional periods. With on board credits, discounts to special dining or spa services and more, extra perks are often part of the promotion. To control your spending on board buy a drink and/or gratuity package ahead of time and avoid surprises on your final bill.

Cruising is a fun, affordable, unique way to see the world. Choosing your cruise based on what you can see on shore rather than what you can do on board is an approach that can help wildlife lovers get the most out of their vacation.

Holland America’s Best Cruises for Wildlife Lovers

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Holland America’s Best Cruises for Wildlife Lovers
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