Holland America Line Ships to Feature Dutch Day

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Holland America Line can reflect on a storied history and longstanding connection with the Netherlands. The cruise line has always celebrated this connection in various ways, including ships being christened by the Dutch royal family. 

Yesterday, April 25, the cruise line announced the introduction of ‘Dutch Day.’ Of course, the timing could not be better, as the Netherlands prepares to celebrate its biggest party of the year, King’s Day on April 27. 

Dutch Day Coming to Holland America Line Cruise Ships

King’s Day (koningsdag), celebrated on April 27, is perhaps the biggest party in the Netherlands, with parades, markets, and festivals across the country, and people celebrating the King’s Birthday dressed in the trademark color orange. 

To mark the occasion, Holland America Line has now introduced ‘Dutch Day,’ a day where the cruise line celebrates its Dutch heritage, which spans over 150 years. The day will feature on cruises of seven days and longer, across the entire fleet, and feature everything from a Dutch deck party to some culinary Dutch highlights.

How better to celebrate the country by offering some traditional Dutch sweets, enjoying a traditional Dutch dish at dinner, and dancing the night away at Holland America Line’s iconic Orange Party?

The celebrations come in partnership with Daelmans Stroopwafels, a cookie made of a pair of thin waffles sandwiched together with a sugary syrup called stroop, which has taken the world by storm. Guests will receive some mini stroopwafels on their pillows at night. However, before that, there is a lot more to enjoy.

Holland America Dutch Day
Holland America Dutch Day

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During the day, guests can get a serving of poffertjes at the Crow’s Nest Cafe, served with butter and powdered sugar. In the evening, guests will be served a special Dutch dinner, including erwtensoep (pea soup), klapstuk (brisket), and finished off with a traditional Bosche Bol ( a puff pastry ball filled with whipped cream and covered with chocolate).

At the Orange Party, guests and crew will dress up in the best orange costumes, hats, and other orange ornaments and dance the night away, enjoying live entertainment and cocktails. Why Orange? The Dutch Royal Family has the name van Oranje-Nassau (oranje being the Dutch translation of orange).

Celebrating 150 Years of Dutch Heritage

The cruise line’s head office might have been based in Seattle, Washington for some time now, and New York and Stamford before that, but the connection between Holland America Line and the Netherlands is still strong.

Holland America Cruise Ship
Photo Credit: VIDEOVISTAVIEW / Shutterstock

The ships have been sailing under the Dutch flag again for years, and the fleet office is also located in Rotterdam because the ships still mainly sail with Dutch officers. Rotterdam was also the location for the 150th anniversary celebrations in 2023, held in the former Holland Amerika Lijn offices, now the famous Hotel New York. 

On top of that, 13 ships in the Holland America Line fleet have been christened by the Dutch Royal Family, including Prince Hendrik naming Statendam III in 1929 to Princess Margriet christening ms Rotterdam in 2022.

Even parent company Carnival Corporation has a strong connection with the Netherlands. Most, if not all maritime officers onboard the Carnival Corporation cruise ships, have to do regular training at The Arison Maritime Center in Almere, the Netherlands. 

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