Haimark Travel Loses More River Cruise Partners

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Haimark Travel loses another partner. The second time this week, Will take a further look in the matter to see where the company goes from here.

Ayravata Cruise Co. has stated that it will be taking over. The Myanmar based company will take full control of sales and operation of ships being marketed by river cruise liner. Executive Director Andrea Massari, released the email announcing the changes.

The executive director commented the vessels Irrawaddy Explorer and Avalon Myanmar; are owned and operated by the Ayravata. The river cruise liner previously chartered the vessels from Ayravata. This comes a day after; the Peruvian company Delfin Amazon Cruise did the same. Taking over the chattered services for 43 passenger vessel Amazon Discovery.

The Federal Maritime Commission said, that Haimark Travel Ltd. operator of the St. Laurent has canceled all future cruises. The river cruise vessels fate is not yet known. Haimark and Haimark Travels were acquired by VC2 capital in January. The Haimark Travel website is down. VC2 and Haimark Travel have not commented on the matter. This leaves questions for the company going forward.

The future looks bleak for Haimark Travel. Despite of the situation. The river cruise industry is rising around the globe, and the river cruise liner still operates five other river cruise vessels in Myanmar.

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