Guests Can No Longer Take Any Beverages Onboard Norwegian Cruise Line Ships

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Norwegian Cruise Line has announced that it will be banning all carry-on and check-in beverages. The new rule will begin on all sailings from July 15, 2016.

The new policy which goes into effect next week will include a ban on liquor, beer and non-alcoholic drinks such as juice and water. Any guests found with drinks at the terminal security checking area will have to drink or throw them away. As stated on the cruise lines web site, there is an “exception of purified or distilled water in factory-sealed containers for use in conjunction with medical devices or for the reconstitution of infant formula”. Sealed or corked wine bottles are allowed onboard but are only for personal consumption and also subject to screenings before going aboard.

Norwegian Cruise Line mentioned the reason for the policy change is to speed up the embarkation process by not having to check passengers bags who try to smuggle alcoholic beverages on the ship. many people try to smuggle their own alcoholic drinks on the ship and at times security can spend a lot of time searching through their bags.

When guests get back on the ship during a port of call NCL will also not allow any drinks. Guests will have to consume them or throw away before going through the gangway security. For those buying alcohol on land will have to hand them in once onboard, the purchased alcohol will then be given back to guests either the evening before they disembark the ship or in the morning on the same day. Carnival Cruise Line has done this for years and it has worked out well.

Carnival Cruise Line also recently introduced a new policy which banned many types of beverages including bottled water and other bottled drinks. Those videos online of how to smuggle alcohol on the cruise ship will no longer be relevant as this new policy change begins to trend.

Cruise Beverage

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Cruise Beverage
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