Cruise News Hurricane Watch Grand Turk Braces for Dangerous Hurricane Maria

Grand Turk Braces for Dangerous Hurricane Maria

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Royal Caribbean Puts a Temporary Pause on Longer Cruises

Royal Caribbean will no longer be offering longer cruises until November 2021 due to the new rules from the CDC on the Conditional Sailing Order.

Cruise Line to Restart Cruises in Japan

MSC Cruises is well underway to start cruising in Japan in April after the cruise line received the Japanese health and safety certification.

Carnival Cruise Line Will Focus on Domestic Sailings in Australia

Two Carnival cruise ships that are based down under will shift to more domestic cruise offerings rather than international cruises.

P&O Suspends Cruises for Even Longer Into Spring 2021

If you were hoping for a cruise from the UK once 2021 arrives then forget it as P&O Cruises has extended its suspension on operations into Spring 2021.

Hurricane Maria is sweeping across the Eastern Caribbean causing major destruction and is now heading towards the Turks and Caicos Islands including Grand Turk.

Hurricane Maria has already pounded Puerto Rico and devastated the Eastern Caribbean island of Dominica. Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos are also in Maria’s path and it isn’t looking good. The eye of Maria will hit or get very close to Grand Turk on Thursday night and could cause a huge amount of devastation.

The popular cruise ship destination is already suffering since being hit head-on by Hurricane Irma on September 7. There was widespread destruction but thankfully the main cruise port only suffered minor damage and has been ready for cruise ships. The Royal Navy has also been on hand to restore Grand Turk services and Carnival Cruise Line is involved in sending supplies to help those in need.

When Hurricane Maria hits Grand Turk structures already damaged or destroyed will make things even more dangerous with more flying debris. In preparation of Maria, the UK military has been dropping last minute supplies and shelters have been set up not just on Grand Turk but the entire Turks and Caicos.

Hurricane Maria at Category 3

Hurricane Maria Track, Category 4
Image By: National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Maria is a major category 3 with maximum sustained winds of 115 MPH. The storm could become even more powerful now that it is back over the warm ocean after Puerto Rico.

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Cruise Hive will continue to monitor the impact of Grand Turk which is one of our favorite cruise port of calls. We pray and hope everyone on the island stays safe and the damage is limited.

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