How About This for a Future Cruise Ship?

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We do enjoy watching shiny renderings of future cruise ships and this one is among the best.

This rendering video has been doing the rounds for a while now with over 19,000 views. It’s a newly imagined ocean liner-inspired from SS France which entered service back in 1960. Many cruisers will also know the historic vessel to be known as SS Norway for Norwegian Cruise Line. The original ship was later decommissioned and sadly scrapped in India in 2008 after years of rotting away.

In the video rendering, we get to see a futuristic and modern version of “France” and even though Didier Spade has worked hard on making this vision a reality we may never see it actually happen.

This could be a way to look at ship design in the future and how designers are pushing the boundaries to come up with something new. The hull design and bow already resemble that of an LNG powered vessel. We also can see balconies located around the two funnels which is something we haven’t seen before and very unique.

Sit back and enjoy the views of a futuristic looking SS France.

SS France 2 Rendering

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SS France 2 Rendering
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