Full Titanic Replica Being Constructed in China

The full-sized Titanic replica is under construction in Sichuan province in China and will become part of a huge new Mediterranean-inspired theme park.

Having the chance to experience what the Titanic vessel was actually like will become a reality as a full replica of the iconic ocean liner is currently being constructed in China. Once completed, the ship will become an attraction in Sichuan province, with millions of visitors expected each year.

China’s Replica Titanic Becoming a Reality

The Titanic replica, currently under construction, is becoming a reality thanks to the project’s main investor, Su Shaojun, and backer Seven Star Energy Investment Group.

Shaojun became interested in the iconic vessel after the 1997 Titanic Hollywood movie directed by James Cameron. The replica is costing approximately $161 million to build.

Titanic replica construction
Photo Credit: Romandisea Resort

Construction first started on the replica more than six years ago in Sichuan Province, China, and Chinese media started reporting on the project as far back as October 2013.

The keel-laying ceremony took place in November 2016 which was attended by former Deputy Prime Minister Peter Mandelson along with expert construction teams from the UK, US, and Singapore.

Titanic replica construction
Photo Credit: Romandisea Resort

The construction has been a slow process but more recently, the main hull can now be seen. The full-scape reconstruction is being done by Wuchang Shipbuilding.

Once complete, the replica Titanic will be identical to the original at over 260 meters long but the vessel will not sail and be permanently docked as an attraction in the province. It will be used as a hotel ship and offer tours so visitors can experience what it was truly like onboard the original Titanic.

Titanic replica construction
Photo Credit: Romandisea Resort

Onboard will be identical features to the original vessel including dining rooms, the different class of cabins, gymnasium, swimming pool, and the iconic Grand Staircase, also featured heavily in the 1997 movie. There will be some added features to make the ship even more enjoyable for visitors including a ballroom and theater.

Teams from the UK and the US have been involved in the project and the design process took two years to complete. In April, construction reached deck nine and the entire ship is expected to be completed from late 2021 to early 2022.

Romandisea Theme Park

The ship will be the centerpiece of the Romandisea theme park, a Mediterranean-inspired park featuring an artificial sky beach, commercial water street, fairy tale world, a high-tech motion cinema, Venice wedding church, hot springs, yacht club, themed hotel, and more. It looks like a fairytale land developed by Yongle Seven Star Cultural Tourism Development Co.

Romandisea Resort
Photo Credit: Romandisea Resort

The park that will have the Titanic replica at its heart already opened for trials in April 2021. Once the Titanic is completed, she will be located at a replica Southampton dock similar to the days of the original ocean liner. Romandisea is located in Suining City, around 190 KM from Chengdu in Sichuan province.

Romandisea Resort
Photo Credit: Romandisea Resort

The Original Titanic and Titanic II

The original Titanic was operated by British-based White Star Line and entered service in April 1912 as the world’s largest ship at over 46,000 gross tons. The ocean liner departed on her maiden voyage from Southampton, UK on April 10.

Just days later, on April 15, during the voyage to New York, the Titanic hit an iceberg with an estimated 2,224 passengers and crew on board. More than half died when the Titanic sunk in the Atlantic around 375 miles from Newfoundland.

In April 2012, it was announced that a Titanic replica of 56,000 gross tons would be constructed and named Titanic II. This other project not to be confused with the one in China came from Clive Palmer, an Australian billionaire.

The Titanic II development has not started construction but the final design plans have apparently been completed. The aim to have the ocean liner sailing but the project has hit a number of setbacks including financial issues. The world still awaits on when the construction will finally begin, if ever.


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