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    I know it sounds a bit silly but what if engines were never invented or should I say propulsion systems. Would these large vessels we see today have ever happened or would we see a new style of cruise ship using sails? What does every think?

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    I think you would be rowing your a$$ off. What a great way to stay in shape and keep the weight gain down!!!

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      Emrys Thakkar

      ha ha, your right it would be a perfect way to keep fit! Maybe the cruise industry would of invented some sort of other technology to make the ship go.

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    Do you think you would still have a large number of cruisers if everyone had to row themselves?
    This a bit off topic, but have you heard about Quantum’s new technology that helps the ship save over 50% of gas usage and expense? Basically to keep it short, bubbles are formed at the bottom of the ship, which helps the vessel skid on top of the water, allowing it to work less.

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    It’s that much off topic! If I knew it would guarantee to make me loose wait and keep fit then I would do it lol!

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