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    Emrys Thakkar

    Don’t you hate it when there are kids playing in and around the lifts or in America it would be elevator’s! Your trying to get to a deck and they keep pressing all the buttons! Anyone else come across this?

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    It always happens! I’ve seen it way too many times where young kids just press every button and then exit the elevator. It makes for a long painful slow trip to the top decks.

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    Emrys Thakkar

    Totally agree with you Marissa, and the parents are never around! Another one is when people keep holding the elevator for more people to come in and sometimes it can be a long wait!

    Thanks for posting on here, look forward to reading more of your posts :)

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    very cool :) sites look good ideas you have to make it on. I like it;)


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      thanks kanita, we will enjoy reading your posts on here. Don’t forget to choose a profile pic!

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