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    One passenger on the Norwegian Star posted a video which is a rant about the ship not having a Kettle. The passenger known as MrStupid on YouTube went on a rant that the ship had cups, tea bags and the usual items just like a hotel room but minus the Kettle.

    He posted the following:

    The ship is supposed to have tea making in cabin.When asked about the lack of a kettle,i was told that they were a fire hazard despite all other cruise lines allowing kettles.When i went on shore and bought a new one,it was confiscated to be returned when i left the ship.Chaos later when they lost my new kettle and spent an hour searching the ship.It was then found right beside the security desk and they were 4 foot from it.Bit of a farce.You could have water delivered,however,the flask was often dirty and had been used to hold coffee grounds so tea tasted like coffee.

    I discussed saftey with reception and asked if it was safe for me to carry 2 cups of boiling water in the lifts with other people standing in the lift and they were not too bothered about that safety risk .Apart from this stupid kettle system,it was a good cruise as long as you are aware that you cannot make a cup of tea in the cabin without a long walk or wait for water delivery in a dirty flask.I really have been on about 30 cruises and this is the first time,a kettle in the cabin has been considered a dangerous item.

    You can watch the video below:

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