Ever Been On A Small Cruise Ship Docked To A Large One?

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    How about this for a question!

    Has anyone ever been on a small cruise ship while docked next to a large cruise ship? Hows the feeling, does it make you jealous?

    [caption id="attachment_5006" align="alignnone" width="640"]Docked Cruises Ships Photo By: Roger Wollstadt[/caption]

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    Emrys Thakkar

    Yes and didn’t enjoy the passengers on the larger ship looking down on my balcony!

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    Yes. It’s quite fun. We were just under 16,000 tons. Costa Serena was just over 114,000.

    Also Vision of the Seas next to Liberty of the Seas. I felt really small then.

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    Emrys Thakkar

    ha ha, I bet the passengers on the opposite ship always try to look at the balconies and and through the windows. By the way really good photos!

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