Cruise News Costa Cruises Former Costa Concordia Captain Schettino Returns To Ship

Former Costa Concordia Captain Schettino Returns To Ship

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For the first time since the Costa Concordia incident back on January 13th 2012 the captain of the ship Francisco Schettino has returned which is part of his manslaughter trial.

Schettino arrived at the small Italian Island of Giglio on Tuesday and then was taken by a boat aboard the damaged ship just days later. When he boarded the ship he was with court officials and he was there as a defendant and not to investigate.

They went around the ship for several hours inspecting and looking for any reasons to help him in his on-going trial which Schettino could be put away for 20 years if found guilty. Elevators and a emergency generators were looked at which is where several passengers died during the tragic event.

The Captain denies the charges made against him which also includes him abandoning the ship on the night Costa Concordia struck rocks and then listed onto the rocks of the island.

A major operation is being planned to float the ship and take it to a scrap yard this June, you can find out about the upcoming operation which Cruise Hive previously reported on.

Francesco Schettino

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Francesco Schettino
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