First Chinese-Built Large Cruise Ship Debuting German Brewery 

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Asia’s first brewery at sea will debut onboard Adora Magic City, the first-ever large Chinese-built cruise ship, run by Adora Cruises. Guests will be able to enjoy a diverse selection of unique, freshly brewed craft beers at the ship’s 1508 Brewery, which boasts a unique connection to the country’s brewing history with a nod to the ship’s construction in its name.

Adora Magic City’s “German” Brewery

Adora Cruises has announced the forthcoming launch of Asia’s inaugural German-style brewery at sea on board Adora Magic City, the groundbreaking Chinese-manufactured mega cruise liner currently under construction at the Waigaoqiao shipyard in Shanghai.

Adora Magic City’s onboard brewery will be strategically situated across Deck 5, offering brews at three different bars: Munich Square, Bavarian Lounge, and Ocean View Bar. 

As far as the pedigree of the 1508 Brewery goes, Adora Cruises Limited—formally known as CSSC Carnival Cruise Shipping—couldn’t have selected a better brewery for its inaugural Chinese-made vessel. 

The 1508 Brewery will craft unique recipes to provide Adora Magic City’s guests with a varied assortment of exceptional, freshly brewed craft beers. This freshness guarantee stems from an ancient Bavarian Beer Purity Law dating back to 1516.

The Bavarian Beer Purity Law, also referred to as the Reinheitsgebot, is an age-old beer regulation established in Bavaria, Germany. According to this law, beer production should be restricted to three essential ingredients: water, barley, and hops.

Bavarian Lounge Adora Magic City Render
Bavarian Lounge Render (Image Credit: Adora Cruises)

By adding the 1508 Brewery to Adora Magic City, Adora Cruises is promising its patrons extraordinary brews, crafted by experienced German brewers, utilizing premium ingredients, and adhering to the Bavarian Beer Purity Law. Guests will have the opportunity to indulge in a diverse range of craft beers tailored to the preferences of Chinese brew aficionados, along with a signature craft beer specially created by blending spices sourced from countries along the historic Silk Road. 

The name “1508 Brewery” also pays homage to the shipbuilding industry and the great accomplishment of this first Chinese-built mega ship, as “1508” is the shipyard’s build number for the vessel.

The impressive 16-story vessel will weigh in at 135,500 tons and is capable of accommodating around 5,246 passengers, making her the first large Chinese-built cruise ship the world has ever seen. While detailed itineraries have not yet been released, Adora Magic City will remain sailing from China year-round, with the possibility of departures from several Asian homeports.

The History of German Beer in China

German breweries have a fairly long history in China, dating back to the late 19th century—most notably in the bustling northeastern Chinese port city of Tianjin.

Munich Square Bar Render
Munich Square Bar Render (Image Credit: Adora Cruises)

The Germans brought their brewing expertise with them and established a number of breweries in the region to meet the growing demand for German beer, which at the time was new to China. One notable brewery, the Tsingtao Brewery Co. Ltd., founded in 1903 and still running strong today, quickly gained fame for its German-style beers and became a prominent player in the nation’s brewing industry. 

These Tianjin breweries played a vital role in popularizing German beer in China, laying the foundation for the development of the country’s modern brewing industry and taste for German-style beer. 

The 1508 Brewery onboard Adora Magic City continues that popularity to cater to enthusiasts of exquisitely crafted, preservative-free beer.

Great beer, along with exceptional Chinese and global cuisine (blending Eastern and Western culinary influences) should be more than enough to please even the most selective of gourmands booking passage on Adora Magic City.

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