Cruise News Aida Cruises Fire On Aidaprima While Under Construction In Japan

Fire On Aidaprima While Under Construction In Japan

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On Monday evening at around 8:30 pm a fire broke out on the Adiaprima which is currently in the final stages of construction. The large cruise ship is currently at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard in Nagasaki, Japan. The fire was contained within one compartment, the ship, shipyard and local fire crews responded and extinguished the fire. According to Maritime News “the fire caught area of about 15 square meters, but another electrical equipment outside it is also damaged”

Hansjoerg Kunze, Vice President Communication & Sustainability provided Cruise Hive with the following statement:

“On the evening of 11 January 2016 a small fire developed in the rear part of the newbuild AIDAprima on the Nagasaki shipyard for reasons yet unknown. For AIDA Cruises, safety is a top priority. Crew and yard workers were evacuated straight away. All necessary measures were taken, to immediately stop the smoke development. Thanks to the fast reaction the situation was resolved quickly and the fire extinguished.

The situation was under control at all times. No persons were injured. Estimations on possible property damage cannot be given at the moment. Further investigations on the cause of the smoke development are ongoing. The shipyard continues the work on the newbuilding. The first cruise of AIDAprima will start on 30th April 2016 in Hamburg as planned. “

The Aidaprima which will be the largest addition to the Aida Cruises fleet has already been affected by major delays. The 124,500 gross ton ship was set to sail from Yokohama, Japan on Oct 1st and sail to Dubai as part of a 50-day cruise. The delivery of Aida Cruises largest ever ship is now scheduled for delivery in April 2016.

If all goes to plan the Aidaprima will sail its first cruises from its new homeport in hamburg, Germany on April 30. The ship recently completed sea trials towards the end of 2015 and is now in the final fitting out phase. Another sister ship has also been ordered with the Japanese shipyard with a scheduled delivery sometime in 2016, this could be changed.


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