Finding an Ocean of Calm for Your First Cruise Sleep

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The cruise industry is booming and with that comes more and more new passengers. Statistics reported by Forbes indicate that cruise lines are operating at near 100% capacity. With such a huge number of people on board every ship, a question is posed – how can you find peace and quiet

Sleep is, of course, one of the most important factors in every hospitality industry. Providing an environment in which good rest can be achieved will make holiday goers energetic and enthusiastic. It creates happy customers, which makes for a happy vacation company.

Getting a good night’s sleep

The most influential part of your sleeping arrangement is your bed. As industry experts at outline, a good quality bed and headboard is influential to both good sleep and the process of mitigating and maintaining aches and pains.

Harvard Health go into more detail; a hard mattress may be good for your spine, but will have poor sleep quality; conversely, the lack of support from a soft mattress can leave you sore.

Find a balance. Position yourself properly on the bed, and if the mattress is too hard or soft, use sleep aids such as under-back pillows or a mattress topper. For certain cruise lines, you can request special equipment to ensure a healthy night’s sleep.

Finding your serenity

Most cruise cabins are well insulated from the noise of the sea outside, the adjoining bunks, or the commotion and clunking of the ship’s machinery. This isn’t always full proof, however, and there can be distracting noises.

Also, the simple fact that you’re in a new location can be persuasive; one study, reported on by CNN, notes that one half of your brain stays awake when you sleep in a new location. Adopt relaxation techniques to help you sleep; your cabin entertainment may offer relaxing songs through radio stations, or the wider ship may provide aids such as candles or incense.

Listening to your needs

The build of a ship can be influential on your sleep. Cabins closer to the top of the ship will be more prone to swaying; however, that rocking effect can be like a baby’s cradle and help you to sleep.

This isn’t great if you suffer from seasickness, however, and in that case you’ll want to see about getting a cabin closer to the bottom-center of the vessel. Find your sweet spot.

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A cruise is an exciting and invigorating experience. Finding sleep in an alien environment, however, can be difficult. Take steps to ensure your sleep is a comfortable, healthy and long one, by finding your ocean of calm.

Tips on making sure you have a great first sleep on your cruise vacation.

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Tips on making sure you have a great first sleep on your cruise vacation.
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