Cruise News Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Faulty PA System Forces First Grand Celebration Cruise To Be Cancelled

Faulty PA System Forces First Grand Celebration Cruise To Be Cancelled

Bad news for passengers who had been looking forward to sailing on the debut voyage of Grand Celebration out of the Port of Palm Beach, Florida. On Sunday February 2nd the first voyage of the newly formed Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line got off to a bad start.

Over 900 passengers were looking forward to stepping onboard the 47,300 gross ton vessel to watch the 2015 Super Bowl but after lining up and waiting for hours through out the afternoon it was announced that the ships debut voyage was cancelled. The cruise lines President, Charlie Kinnear made the announcement at 4 pm that angered passengers.

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The reason Grand Celebration  was not allowed to set sail on its debut cruise from Port of palm Beach was due to a faulty PA system. it was inspected by the US Coast Guard who then stopped the ship from sailing until it is fixed. The ships PA system is an essential part of the ship as emergency announcements are made through it. Many passengers from other areas have had to stay in Hotels, they have also been offered a full refund or to reschedule their cruise.

the inaugural sailing of the Grand Celebration for Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line was to be a Super Bowl special with big screen events, drink specials and even game betting. it was originally scheduled to depart on Feb 1st for a 2-night Bahamas cruise. The ship will now set sail from Port of Palm beach on Tuesday night, 3rd February.


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