Have You Ever Seen So Many Life Boats In Action?

We’ve come across this video which is a perfect example of what a “Crew Only” boat drill is all about. If you’ve ever been in port and wondered why all those people have their life jackets on and the life boats are being lowered into the water then you now know!

The featured video shows a crew boat drill on the Carnival Valor while it’s making a port of call at Belize in Central America. Cruise ships don’t dock at Belize and only anchor miles away from the coast. This make a perfect opportunity to lower all the ships lifeboats and test the crews readiness in case of an emergency.

A life raft is also activated ready for deployment but in most cases it doesn’t get lowered on to the water. All the crew are in full emergency gear including life jackets. You can hear the cruise director on the ships PA system calling a group of life rafts at a time to their embarkation station which is where they would board the life rafts.

Boat drills are essential for safety and on Carnival ships a drill is held in a port of call at least once a month. Extra drills are also done for technical personal which includes lowering the life rafts and life boats.


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