Dynamic Artwork to Premier on Upcoming Norwegian Cruise Ship

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Norwegian Cruise Line will be bringing a new interactive element to the upcoming Norwegian Viva, sister ship to the cruise line’s new flagship, Norwegian Prima. A dynamic, 52-foot-long piece of exclusive artwork, the piece will be showcased at the innovative Metropolitan Bar.

Exclusive Artwork for Norwegian Viva

The work, titled “Every Wing Has a Silver Lining,” features the iconic butterfly motifs of its creator, British digital artist Dominic Harris, and is designed to interact with passersby as the butterflies take wing and show the different sides of their wings.

Known for a reverence for nature that offers a whimsical and often surreal take on reality, Harris’s work also plays on the integration and invasion of technology into our everyday lives.

Norwegian Viva Artwork
Image Courtesy: Norwegian Cruise Line

Done in sophisticated tones of white, gray, silver, and black with blue highlights, “Every Wing Has a Silver Lining” matches the elegance of the vessel and the venue where it will be displayed, the signature Metropolitan Bar.

The new artwork has debuted at the SCOPE contemporary art show in Miami Beach and will be on display through December 4, 2022. Harris’s work has also been displayed globally at major art fairs, and in permanent collections in Istanbul, the Netherlands, and London.

The Metropolitan Bar, known for the unique, sustainable cocktails designed to reduce onboard food waste, is the ideal location for the thought-provoking piece, as the space itself will transform throughout the day as guests come and go.

Also part of the art show’s debut displays are interactive digital screens and live displays showcasing works from 34 artists who are or will be featured aboard the Prima-class ships, including Italian graffiti artist Manuel Di Rita, also known as “Peeta,” designer of Norwegian Prima and Norwegian Viva’s hull art.

Norwegian Viva Artwork Revealed
Photo Courtesy: Norwegian Cruise Line

“Following the successful debut of Norwegian Prima, we are extremely excited for our guests to get to know Norwegian Viva as well as the breathtaking work of Dominic Harris,” said Harry Sommer, President and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line.

Six ships are planned for the innovative Prima class. Norwegian Prima is already sailing, and Norwegian Viva is due to debut August 2023 after multiple shipyard delays. Four additional but as yet unnamed sister ships are also planned for the class.

Art Onboard Creates a New Experience

The new Norwegian Prima, which was officially christened in Iceland in late August, has raised the bar for onboard artwork.

“We believe that art can be a transformative element in the guest experience,” said Sommer. “With the introduction of the new Prima Class, we’ve taken the integration of art into our ship’s overall design to new heights.

At first look, the ship’s distinctive hull artwork evokes an immediate and commanding connection to the sea. The unique Concourse outdoor promenade along Deck 8 is a curated collection of sculptures, some of which include lighted elements that make a nighttime stroll a completely different experience than viewing the sculpture garden during the day.

Norwegian Prima Cruise Ship
Photo Credit: Melissa Mayntz

Contemporary collectible pieces and autographic memorabilia are on display in Syd Norman’s Pour House, balcony staterooms all feature one of five exclusive murals, and other areas of the ship also exhibit various artwork pieces.

“Art has the power to light up our lives, broaden our perspectives and transport us into a different frame of mind, similar to how cruising to new and beautiful destinations affects us,” said Sarah Hall, NCL Art Director.

“At NCL, we believe in the strong connection of art and travel, and showcase not only works from well-known international artists, but we champion emerging artists from around the world as well.”

In total, 700 artwork pieces are on display throughout Norwegian Prima, and a similar extensive collection is sure to be on display aboard Norwegian Viva.

Even the overall spaces of the ship are designed with artistry in mind, such as the soothing Penrose Atrium with its luxurious curving lines and graceful flow between Decks 6, 7, and 8.

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