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Cruise News Norwegian Cruise Line Drunk Passenger Doesn't Seem Bothered He Almost Missed The Cruise Ship

Drunk Passenger Doesn’t Seem Bothered He Almost Missed The Cruise Ship

A drunk passenger really doesn’t seem bothered that he almost missed the cruise ship in Cozumel a few days ago.

In a new video posted online a drunk male passenger is seen walking down the pier in no hurry at all. The man can be seen to be in a very joyful mood and according to the person who posted the video, he is “totally drunk”. He claps his hands and even high fives one of the local workers who drives past. One fellow passenger can be heard saying “you’re paying for the extra fuel” with others shouting and seeing the funny side.

Watch Drunk Passenger:

The man was a passenger on the Norwegian Getaway which called in Cozumel, Mexico on December 2. The ship was sailing a week-long Caribbean itinerary from Port Miami, Florida.

You might think why we are posting about this video, well, we’re hoping none of you do this! It’s always important to be back before the ships departure time. In this case the man was 40 minutes late! There are plenty of videos online of passengers who have not been sop lucky and found themselves paying for a flight home or to meet the ship in the next port of call.

Norwegian Getaway
Photo By: NCL

Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments further down below. Should we see the fun side of this? Should he be running down that pier so the captain can depart?

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