Cruise Tips Don't Become A Cruise Ship Slob

Don’t Become A Cruise Ship Slob

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Have you ever been cruising and come across those fellow guests with plates full of food, never using the stairs and of course laying on the deck chairs all day and night? Well we all come across them and here at Cruise Hive we’ve come up with some advice to make sure you don’t become a ship slob.

It can be very easy to become a ship slob because it’s all just so relaxing and everything is done for you but you can’t let this happen. Just think of the poor crew member who has to work even harder to support all those filled up plates! So let’s take a look at how we can stop it.

Don’t fill plates

No matter how good the food looks onboard try not to pile everything onto your plate. Remember that you’ll be onboard for several days so will have another chance to try some different foods. Cruise Lines like to make fancy displays for their food especially in the casual dining areas and it’s really easy to get carried away.

Get out of the stateroom

Be pro-active and don’t just lounge around in your cabin all day and night. It is nice to sit on the balcony and watch the ocean but don’t do it all night too! Give your stateroom steward a chance to clean and make the beds because they can’t finish work until all the cabins in their sections have been made.

Room service

Cruise Hive suggests not to order room service too much, just feel for the chef in those early hours of the morning making all the sandwiches you just ordered! If you’re hungry then why not try out one of the ship’s exclusive restaurants which will surely keep you full all night.

Use the stairs

Don’t be one of those passengers who keeps using the elevators just to go one deck up or down unless you have a disability of course. Some guests will wait up to 10 minutes just for one deck and then once the elevator arrives it’s full and they still try to get in! using the stairs can keep guests healthy and our tip is to run all the way to the top and back down again as part of your morning job!

Don’t stay in the pool area

If you’re on the open deck on one of the lounge chairs try not to stay on it all day and night. Some passengers will lay there in the day to get some sun which is fair enough but don’t continue to lay there at night when there is so much to explore around the ship. Also while we’re on the subject of open deck many cruisers will just drink all day in the hot tub and chat to fellow passengers. It’s good to meet new people on board but please don’t stay in there all day especially if you need to go to the toilet!

And so..

So our point is to try different things around the ship and you might even come across something new which you’ve never done before. Space out activities that you want to do and also keep an eye on the activity schedule which can tell you what’s going on around the ship. If you have or are going to do anything mentioned above then it’s ok because it’s your cruise and you should enjoy it that best suites you.

If you have any of your own suggestion feel free to post in the comments below or sail over to our forums.

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