Disney Wish Cruise Ship: Overview and Things to Do

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While Disney’s fleet may be small — with only five cruise ships total as of 2023 — there’s certainly a lot to love and a lot of magic across the entire Disney cruise ship family. The newest Disney Wish cruise ship is no exception, with Disney pulling out all the stops to wow cruising passengers. 

The largest Disney cruise ship and the first of a brand-new class, Disney Wish offers frequent cruisers all of the luxuries and amenities and all the fun and entertainment options they expect from the newest, biggest and best cruise ships in the world.

If you’re considering taking a Disney Wish cruise soon, here’s everything you need to know.

Disney Wish Stats

While past Disney cruise ships have all been mid-size, not even breaking the list of the top 50 largest cruise ships in the world, Disney Wish squeaks ahead, making it into the top largest cruise ships as of 2023. Disney Wish measures in at…

  • Gross Tonnage (GT): 144,000
  • Length: 1,119 feet 
  • Decks: 14
  • Guest capacity: 5,555 people
  • Crew: 1,555 people

Disney Wish Construction and History

Disney Wish debuted in 2022, though the cruise ship — and the Triton class in general — was announced much earlier, in 2016. When completed, the Triton class will include two other ships, to be unveiled in 2024 and 2025. The 2024 ship has been named Disney Treasure, while the 2025 ship is yet to be named.

Disney Wish set a new standard for Disney cruising, with its larger size, more suites and increased guest capacity. It also is the very first LNG-powered ship in the Disney family. Compared to past ships, this new ship is estimated as about 30% more fuel efficient, emitting about 20% fewer greenhouse gasses. The Walt Disney Company overall aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030. 

Disney Wish Cruise Ship
Photo Courtesy: Meyer Werft

Disney Wish introduces new dining options, more entertainment options, the AquaMouse water coaster, Marvel attractions, a suite within the ship’s funnel, AR experiences, and more. In other words, if you’ve been on a Disney cruise in the past, and think there’s nothing new to see on Disney Wish, you couldn’t be more wrong.

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If you want to learn more about the Disney Wish construction process, you can actually find a documentary on the construction, on Disney Plus. The National Geographic-produced documentary is Making the Disney Wish: Disney’s Newest Cruise Ship.


Disney Wish offers 1,254 staterooms, and 70% of those staterooms feature a verandah, while most offer ocean views. There are 451 connected staterooms, for larger traveling groups or families. Most also feature split bathrooms for easier family use, and all offer bathtubs. 

Overall, the Disney Wish staterooms are a big upgrade from past Disney cruise ships. While there’s nothing wrong with the prior cruise ships’ more vintage, classic ocean liner theme-ing and decor, with their Art Nouveau and Art Deco touches, these newest staterooms are thoughtfully designed for families and styled with a modern and contemporary touch.

Disney Wish Verandah
Disney Wish Verandah

Amenities in staterooms include large vanities, full-length mirrors, pull-out beds, privacy dividers, lots of storage space and handy charging ports. When booking your stateroom, you’ll have three options to choose from: inside, oceanview or verandah.

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Inside staterooms are roomy and have a contemporary hotel feel, with blue and neutral color palettes and princess-inspired artwork. Unlike other cruise lines that just shove a bed between two walls in their interior staterooms, this ship offers storage on both sides of the main bed and floor space for even more roominess. The large vanity is packed with storage options and offers a large, lit mirror.

Disney Wish Oceanview
Disney Wish Oceanview

Oceanview staterooms are more on the luxurious side, with a modern, light and airy feel thanks to the crisp white linens and crown molding throughout. A large seating area sits next to the huge, oversized porthole, so big it nearly touches the floor and ceiling, for the best views possible.

The verandah staterooms are much the same, only with glass doors leading out to a furnished patio space. 


Disney doesn’t refer to its 76 suites as suites. Instead, it simply calls them concierge staterooms. Before we detail the suite options, take a look at the video below showcasing them all, along with the regular rooms:

Disney Wish offers a variety of suite options, but the highlight of them all is the Concierge Wish Tower Suite, which is situated in the ship’s funnel, high above everything and offering two stories filled with luxury. 

This first-of-its-kind suite is themed after the Disney movie Moana and features a hidden entry with a private elevator, floor-to-ceiling windows, a chandelier in the living room, two bedrooms, five bathrooms, a spiral staircase, pantry and wet bar, and walk-in closets. If you want the epitome of luxury while on a Disney Wish cruise, you’ll find it here.

Wish Tower Suite
Wish Tower Suite

Otherwise, no matter which suite you book aboard Disney Wish, you’ll find separate living areas, rain showers and fantastic views. Concierge guests also enjoy access to a large Concierge Lounge that includes a full bar with food, children’s area, terrace, sun deck, two hot tubs and a wading pool. 

Free Dining

Unfortunately, if you’ve sailed on a Disney cruise in the past and found the dining options to be a little lackluster in terms of quantity (though the quality is stellar), you won’t find much more to love here.

Disney Wish uses the same rotational dining system and entertainment-packed three main dining rooms as always, with a few other free dining options tacked on for when you want something more casual. The main dining rooms aboard Disney Wish include: 

  • 1923
  • Arendelle 
  • Worlds of Marvel

These three options are totally different from what you’ll find on other Disney cruise ships. Whereas past cruise ships really stuck to the royal princess theme, and with the Animator’s Palate being a staple main dining room, with its animation theme, these three dining rooms cater more to the modern cruiser looking for something fresh and exciting.

Disney Wish 1923 Dining Venue
Disney Wish 1923 Dining Venue

1923 sports an Old Hollywood feel, with lots of Art Deco touches that hearken back to the year that Disney got its start. You’ll see classic Disney accents and elements scattered throughout the space, but it’s not in-your-face or overdone. Instead, everything feels very refined and elegant.

Arendelle is more like what you might’ve seen on older Disney cruise ships. Arendelle is themed after the movie Frozen, complete with characters making guest appearances and providing entertainment.

Disney Wish Worlds of Marvel
Disney Wish Worlds of Marvel

Worlds of Marvel similarly is very heavy on the theme-ing, with character appearances at the regular and an overall techy, futuristic decor style. While you’ll be rotated through these three restaurants throughout your cruise, you’ll have other free dining options that include: 

  • Marceline, the cruise ship’s buffet
  • Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods, a cafeteria-style restaurant

You can also order room service for free. 

Specialty Restaurants

If you don’t want to stick to these very limited complimentary dining options, though, you can go with one of the specialty restaurants that charge an additional fee. These include:

Disney Wish Palo Steakhouse
Disney Wish Palo Steakhouse
  • Keg & Compass Pub, a European-influenced, casual pub with relatively affordable prices
  • Palo Steakhouse, the adults-only, classic steakhouse
  • Enchante, the most elegant and luxurious (and pricey) of the specialty restaurants, perfect for a date night
  • Inside Out: Joyful Sweets, a store selling (obviously) sweets
  • Wheezy’s Freezies, serving frozen treats

Bars and Lounges

For the adult cruisers, Disney Wish does offer some adults-only spaces beyond the handful of more upscale restaurants. There’s a range of watering holes scattered across the ship, including…

Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge
Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge
  • Currents Bar, for outdoor drinks near the pool
  • Keg & Compass, for a pub-like feel
  • Cove Bar, another outdoor space near the pool
  • Nightingale’s Piano Bar, for cocktails and music
  • Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge, a Star Wars-themed bar that’s been a big hit
  • The Rose, for elegant cocktails near several restaurants
  • The Bayou, for live music and New Orleans vibes 

Activities and Entertainment

Disney Wish ups the ante for cruisers with a near-endless amount of things to do during your cruise. Our list scratches the surface, but these are some of the must-experience activities to add to your Disney Wish cruise itinerary.

Ride the AquaMouse

Touted as the first-ever Disney attraction at sea, the AquaMouse is like a Disney theme park ride, but on a cruise ship.

AquaMouse Ride
AquaMouse Ride

The waterslide is part-show, as you join Mickey and the gang for a water-set adventure, traveling along the waterslide’s 760 view-heavy feet, before the slide spits you out into the lazy river. 

See a Show at One of the Theaters

Disney cruise ships have always offered two theaters, one for live shows and one for movie screenings, but Disney Wish adds even more to love with five different entertainment hubs. 

The Walt Disney Theater
The Walt Disney Theater

The Walt Disney Theater is still the primary spot to catch Broadway-style shows. Luna, meanwhile, offers smaller-scale shows and more interactive entertainment. There are two cinemas, Wonderland and Never Land. Funnel Vision, meanwhile, shows movies over the pool. 

Spend Some Time By the Pool

No cruise is complete without some time spent at the pool and enjoying a ship’s various water features. Luckily, you’ll have tons of options on Disney Wish.

Disney Wish Pool Deck
Disney Wish Pool Deck

There are four main pools, open to nearly all ages. A splash zone is dedicated to the smaller kiddos. A concierge-level pool is open to concierge guests only. An infinity quiet Cove Pool is adults-only. All in all, there are 10 water features on this cruise ship. 

Go on Disney’s Uncharted Adventure

Many family-focused cruise ships are rolling out VR and AR-based family experiences, and Disney Wish is no exception.

Uncharted Adventure
Uncharted Adventure

Disney’s Uncharted Adventure is a tech-heavy experience that uses your phone to take you all around the ship throughout the duration of your cruise, to interact with characters, and finally, come together for the game’s grand finale.

Challenge Yourself at the Hero Zone

Competitions, games and more await at the Hero Zone, where you’ll find a playground, theater, sports court and game floor. 

Kids Venues on Disney Wish

There are ample ways for kids to play away from the rest of the family during their cruise (like if mom or dad wants to get away to the adults-only infinity pool or head to the spa or fitness center).

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Disney channels the Marvel universe with the Marvel Super Hero Academy, open to cruisers ages 3 to 12, with activities and character experiences. For kids that are, instead, Star Wars fans, the Star Wars Cargo Bay is a must-visit, with even more character-driven experiences.

The Walt Disney Imagineering Lab is where kids can get creative, with hands-on activities. Fairytale Hall is for the princess-lovers in your crew.

At Edge aboard the Disney Wish, tweens ages 11 to 14 years old play games and make new friends in a bright, colorful hangout inspired by a chic New York City loft.

Those over the age of 11 can go to the preteen Edge club, while those over the age of 14 can go to the teen-only Vibe club or The Hideaway. Both are supervised spaces with modern appeal to appease even the surliest family traveler. 

Nursery services are also available for those under the age of 3. There’s also a toddler-friendly Mickey & Minnie Captain’s Deck, for play areas and character visits.

Specially designed for the youngest sailors at Disney’s Oceaneer Club, Mickey and Minnie Captain’s Deck is a nautical playground inspired by the colors, icons and magic of Disney Cruise Line. This brand-new space will be filled with an array of maritime-themed physical and sensory-style games and activities, such as pipe slides and crawl-throughs, ship’s wheels, “busy boxes” fashioned as ship controls and cushy life preserver seat

While not a kids’ space per se, there’s one other spot on the ship that kids will want to be sure they stop by: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. This Disney cruise ship staple is a place where those under 12 can get their very own makeover and even purchase a costume to look just like their favorite superhero or princess.

Disney Wish Itineraries

Does all of the above sound like an amazing way for you and your family to experience a Disney cruise, whether this is your first or just one of many Disney cruises? See what all awaits on this new ship, when you book one of Disney Wish’s upcoming itineraries.


How big is the Disney Wish?

Disney Wish measures in at a gross tonnage of 144,000 GT and a length of 1,119 feet. It has 14 decks and can hold up to 5,555 passengers plus a crew of 1,555 members. 

How much did the Disney Wish cost to build?

The Walt Disney Company spent approximately $1 billion to construct the Disney Wish. The order was made with the popular German shipbuilder Meyer Werft at the Papenburg shipyard.

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