Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship: Overview and Things to Do

Here's everything you should know about the Disney Fantasy cruise ship, with an overview, stats, and things to do.

Disney Fantasy is the second cruise ship in Disney’s Dream class, but Disney’s fourth cruise ship overall. Disney Cruise Line, which launched in the 1990s, was a newcomer on the scene (compared to many of its longer-lasting, family-friendly counterparts), but quickly caught up to the pack. By Disney Fantasy’s launch in 2012, Disney Cruise Line had firmly established itself as a great option for families seeking lots to do and plenty of fun.

However, even though this cruise ship may currently be more than a decade old, that doesn’t mean that it’s lost any of its initial appeal. The same elements that made Disney Fantasy a must-book for avid cruisers in the 2010s make it a fan favorite today, too. 

Ready to see what awaits you during a Disney Fantasy cruise? Here’s everything you need to know.

Disney Fantasy Stats

Both Disney Fantasy and its sister ship, Disney Dream, were quite a bit larger than Disney’s first two cruise ships that debuted in the 1990s. Still, that extra size doesn’t mean that these are mega ships by any stretch.

Instead, they’re just big enough to give you all the amenities and space to spread out that you need, while still feeling intimate and not overwhelming in the slightest. Disney Fantasy measures in at…

  • Gross Tonnage (GT): 130,000
  • Length: 1,115 feet 
  • Passenger decks: 14
  • Double occupancy guest capacity: 2,500 people
  • Max guest capacity: 4,000 people
  • Crew: 1,458 people
  • Cabins: 1,250

Construction and History

The Disney Fantasy cruise ship is just about identical to Disney Dream, though you will notice a few small differences. (That said, if you’re hoping to compare and contrast the two as you book, you won’t find your cruising experiences on the ships will differ substantially. Both are great options.)

Disney Fantasy (just like Disney Dream) was built in Papenburg, Germany, by Meyer Werft. The ship was announced in 2007, but construction did not get underway until 2011. While construction continued until 2012, when the ship debuted in the spring, construction did not come without its issues. In the latter part of 2011, open water lines caused over a million euros in damage.

Disney Fantasy Cruise Shp
Photo Credit: Melissa Mayntz

Special features you’ll spot on Disney Fantasy include the musical ship’s horn that can play a range of songs from Disney’s collection of movie classics; this feature is found on both Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream. Disney Fantasy uniquely also features Dumbo the Elephant on its stern, and Dumbo weighs more than a ton (Disney Dream, meanwhile, features a Sorcerer Mickey on its stern). 

One major difference between Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream? While Disney Dream features a Waves bar next to the pool, Disney Fantasy minimized this bar to make way for a larger water playground, complete with a water coaster. Another minor difference is seen in the stylings of both ships. Disney Dream leans more Art Deco, while Disney Fantasy leans more Art Nouveau. 

Disney Fantasy underwent a dry dock in 2017 that included a few updates and additions to public spaces.

Disney Fantasy Staterooms

Disney Fantasy’s staterooms total 1,250 options for booking cruisers, including the suites, though Disney does refer to its suites as “Concierge staterooms,” not suites, so watch out for that while booking.  

If you’re specifically looking to book a stateroom and you don’t need all the extra space that a suite offers, you’ll have three options: inside, oceanview and verandah staterooms.

Disney Fantasy and Dream Stateroom
Photo Credit: Matt Stroshane / Disney

The inside staterooms are more spacious than you might expect, with roomy sleeping areas separated by a thick, noise-blocking curtain; couches; and entertainment areas.

Each inside suite features Disney’s Magic Porthole, a cute amenity that’s becoming increasingly common on other cruise ships, allowing guests to view real-time ship exteriors via a screen that looks like a porthole. (Keep your eyes peeled — this real-time view may occasionally allow for a Disney character to creep in!)

The oceanview staterooms offer either one or two (real!) portholes. While these portholes may not be as large as what you might see on other ships, they’re certainly nothing to scoff at.

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Again, just like with the inside staterooms, the oceanview staterooms give you curtain-separated sleeping and sitting areas, perfect for families with children who need to head to bed a little earlier than mom or dad. 

Verandah staterooms up the ante further, with spacious balconies (outfitted with patio furniture, of course) and big views from the big, nearly wall-to-wall glass doors. 

Disney Fantasy Suites

As mentioned, Disney Fantasy’s suites are technically called “concierge staterooms.” These rooms are much larger, with (depending on the one you book) private bedrooms, balconies and extra concierge-level service.

Disney Fantasy Royal Suite
Photo Credit: Matt Stroshane / Disney)

Do note that the concierge suites are a little bit different in terms of decor style, compared to the regular staterooms. Here, you can really see that Art Nouveau influence and the decor has a more elegant, classic feel, compared to the other staterooms that are brighter and more nautical in design.

Free Dining

All Disney Cruise Line ships use a rotational dining system that dictates when and where you can eat each evening of your cruise. While some may not like this strict schedule, Disney cruise fans enjoy the fact that it allows you to easily experience all of the cruise ship’s dining options — even though those dining options are limited.

Disney Fantasy includes three main dining rooms in the rotational dinner plan. Each main dining room is heavily themed and there’s a big emphasis on entertainment (though the food is fine, too). The main dining rooms aboard Disney Fantasy include:

  • The Enchanted Garden
  • The Animator’s Palate
  • The Royal Court

These are all very similar to what you’ll find on Disney Dream, with just a slight change in name for The Royal Court (this dining room is called The Royal Palace on Disney Dream). 

Disney Fantasy Animator's Palace Dining
Photo Courtesy: Disney Cruise Line

The Animator’s Palate makes an appearance on many Disney cruise ships, not just those in the Dream class and has a — you guessed it — animation theme. The Enchanted Garden is designed to feel like a French villa. The Royal Court incorporates lots of Disney princess theme-ing.

When you’re not dining at the main dining rooms during your scheduled times, you do have other, free dining options, though. Here are some other options for the Disney Fantasy cruise ship:

  • Cabana’s, the cruise ship buffet
  • Flo’s Cafe, a cafeteria-style restaurant near the pool
  • Cove Cafe, an adults-only light bites eatery
  • Vista Cafe, serving baked goods
  • Eye Scream, for self-serve ice cream

While many of these are similar to what you’ll find on Disney Dream, a few (Vista Cafe, for example) are unique to Disney Fantasy. In addition to these, you’ll also be able to order some room service options for free, though not all room service is complimentary.

Specialty Restaurants

Similarly, Disney Fantasy’s specialty, for-a-fee restaurants are similar to what you’ll find on Disney Dream. They include:

  • Remy, an adults-only French restaurant inspired by Disney movie “Ratatouille” and easily the finest dining experience you’ll have on this ship (complete with the price to match)
  • Palo, an Italian restaurant that’s adults-only
  • Sweet on You, a dessert, gelato and ice cream shop 
  • Frozone Treats, a spot for smoothies 
  • Senses Juice Bar, next to the spa
  • Buena Vista Snack Bar, for theater snacks 
Disney Fantasy Remy
Disney Fantasy Remy (Photo Credit: Matt Stroshane / Disney)

Some of the other complimentary dining restaurants above also have extra add-ons that you can enjoy for a fee, such as at Cove Cafe, which serves specialty drinks for a fee, in addition to its light bites. 

Bars and Lounges

Compared to its small number of restaurants, Disney Fantasy boasts a larger number of bars and lounges for the adult crowd. You’ll find…

  • Currents Bar, an outdoor bar 
  • Waves Bar, a very small little spot near the kids water playground
  • Meridian, a wine bar
  • D Lounge, the one family-friendly lounge on the ship, with all-ages entertainment
  • La Piazza, an Italian-themed bar
  • O’Gill’s, an Irish pub
  • Ooh La La, a Champagne bar
  • The Tube, a London-themed bar 
  • Skyline Lounge, a bar with digital views of famous skylines
  • Boy Voyage Bar, the atrium watering hole
Meridian Wine Bar
Meridian Wine Bar (Photo Credit: Kent Phillips / Disney)

The four Europe-inspired bars and lounges on this list are situated in their own adults-only portion of the ship called, fittingly, Europa. 

Activities and Entertainment

As you could probably expect from the Disney brand, a Disney Fantasy cruise is filled to the brim with entertainment and fun things to do for the entire family. Here’s how you can expect to fill your days. 

Going to the Theater(s)

You’ll have two options for your theatrical entertainment while aboard Disney Fantasy. The two theaters include a traditional theater, showing Broadway-style performances with classic Disney flair and characters you likely already know and love, as well as a movie theater, showing the biggest and best Disney blockbusters, including the newest flicks from your favorite franchises. 

Participating in Daily Activities

Like most cruise ships, Disney Fantasy offers a range of daily activities to keep you and your family occupied during sea days (although, to be honest, with the number of fun venues you’ll find throughout the ship, you might not need those daily activities at all). Daily activities range from contests and games to character meet and greets to crafts.

La Piazza on Disney Fantasy
La Piazza on Disney Fantasy

Kicking it by the Pool

There are multiple pools aboard Disney Fantasy. The main pool sits on Deck 11 and it’s all-ages, while a kids-only pool is adjacent. Other kid’s splash area for toddlers is nearby, too. There’s also a small water slide for younger kids, a water coaster for older kids, and a large AquaLab splash park.

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But while there might seem to be a lot of poolside fun for the kiddos only, that’s not the case. Adults have multiple pool options all to themselves. There are two small adults-only pools. One sits on Deck 13 and another sits on Deck 11, near more adult-only areas, including a bar. 

Getting in a Little Relaxation

If your idea of fun includes a lot of relaxation, but without the pool vibe, you can find other areas to chill aboard the ship. There are multiple sun decks across Decks 11 through 13, and some are adults-only. 

There’s also the spa, with its range of treatments for men and women. You can purchase a day pass to the spa and check out the hot tubs, aromatherapy showers, steam rooms, et cetera, at your leisure.

Kids Venues

Kids get their own venues beyond the pools to enjoy time away from the rest of the family. The Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab are dedicated to ages 3 to 12, and offer lots of programming to keep kids entertained and even learning a thing or two, thanks to STEAM programs.

Captain Minnie on a Disney Cruise
Photo Credit: Matt Stroshane / Shutterstock

The Edge area is for kids ages 11 to 13, while the Vibe area is for the oldest kids in the crew, ages 14 to 17. A nursery provides babysitting for those ages 3 months to 3 years. 

Disney Fantasy Cruise Itineraries

Do you think a Disney Fantasy cruise might be just for your family? Check out all of the upcoming itineraries to find your perfect pick. Our full guide here lets you know how much a Disney cruise costs.


How much is a Disney Fantasy cruise?

A Disney Fantasy cruise starts at about $3,100 for two adults for a seven-night itinerary. The price will differ based on your sail dates and what kind of stateroom you pick.

How large is the Disney Fantasy cruise ship?

Disney Fantasy measures in at 130,000 GT; a length of 1,115 feet; and 14 passenger decks. The ship can hold 4,000 guests at full occupancy (2,500 at double occupancy) and 1,458 crew members across 1,250 staterooms. 

How many pools are on the Disney Fantasy?

There are multiple pool options aboard Disney Fantasy. The main pool sits on Deck 11 and it’s all-ages, while a kids-only pool is adjacent. Another kids splash area for toddlers is nearby, too. There’s also a small water slide for younger kids and a water coaster for the older kids, plus a large AquaLab splash park. There are two small adults-only pools. One sits on Deck 13 and another on Deck 11, which features more adult-only areas, including a bar.

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