Disney Cruise Line Makes First Appearance In Ireland

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It’s Disney Cruises Lines first time in Ireland. I know that would come as a shock to most people, but the truth is there are many places the cruise liner has never been.

The lucky ship is none other than Disney Magic.  A well served veteran of the Disney fleet, the Disney Magic has been in service since 1998. The Disney Magic docked at Dublin, Ireland on the morning of May, 26, and the cruise ship was at capacity carrying 2,700 passengers. A first ever visit to Dublin Port by the cruise liner.

Probably, the coolest thing to ever happen in Disney Magic service history. Upon arrival to Dublin Port  a “Game of Thrones” theme was present, and the spectacle included dancer, drummer, and Irish hounds with handlers. This one of many new ideas Dublin Port is applying to attract cruise liners. Pat Ward, Head of Corporate Services at Dublin Port Company commented on the ports plans

Pat Ward Head of Corporate Services at Dublin Port Company:

“She is one of 113 cruise calls scheduled for Dublin Port this year, and undoubtedly a highlight of the season.

“As a result of that demand, we expect this to be Dublin Port’s biggest year on record for cruise.

Disney Magic is a 83,338-ton vessel with an art deco design. The ship is capable of handling passengers of all ages, and well suited for families. The ship is 300 meters long, pushing the limits of Dublin Port working capacity. Dublin Port €230m ABR Project will expand working limits and has plans for competition in four years time.

Disney Magic

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