Disney Cruise Line Makes Changes to Internet Pricing

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Disney Cruise Line has quietly updated the pricing for its various internet plans, increasing the price for one, keeping a second price the same for a full-cruise purchase, and decreasing the price for a third type of package. The new pricing will be effective on four of Disney’s five ships from August 5, and will likely be introduced to the final vessel until after a drydock scheduled for fall 2023.

Internet Package Price Changes

Disney Cruise Line’s three internet package options have had slight price changes in recent days. The cruise line offers three different options, based on the type of internet use guests select and the type of usage they want.

The “Stay Connected” package permits most social media use, but does not support access to email, online surfing, or streaming games or videos, even short-form videos.

Previously priced at $12 (USD) per day, the social media package is now $16 per day when purchased for a complete sailing, or $18 per day for just a 24-hour period.

Disney Wish Cruise Ship
Disney Wish Cruise Ship (Photo Copyright: Melissa Mayntz / Cruise Hive)

The cruise line’s mid-range package is the “Basic Surf” option, which remains priced at $24 per day for an entire cruise, but is raised to $28 per day for a 24-hour period. This package allows the same social media access as with “Stay Connected” but also includes web surfing capabilities and email. No streaming video is included.

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Guests interested in the “Premium Surf” package with faster connection speeds that includes social media, web surfing, email, and both music and short-form video streaming will be pleased to see a slight price decrease. This package now costs just $34 per day for a full voyage, instead of the previous price of $36 per day. For just a 24-hour period, however, the price increases to $42 per day.

It must be noted that Disney Cruise Line guests do not need to purchase any internet package to access the Navigator app. In the app, travelers can view their onboard account information, plan activities, make dining reservations, or otherwise use the app’s features, all of which can be done for free when connected to the ship’s onboard Wi-Fi.

Price Changes Now Effective on Four Vessels

Four of Disney Cruise Line’s five ships have already implemented the price changes. The first two ships to see the updated prices were the oldest and newest vessels, Disney Magic and Disney Wish respectively, both of which updated pricing from Monday, July 31, 2023.

Disney Fantasy Cruise Shp
Photo Credit: Melissa Mayntz

Disney Dream updated internet package pricing the next day, on Tuesday, August 1, while Disney Fantasy updated the pricing options on its next sailing turnaround on Saturday, August 5.

For the time being, Disney Wonder remains at the old pricing. Disney Cruise Line notes that “the ship will transition to these internet packages in the new future,” but does not specify a date for the new pricing to take effect.

It is suspected that Disney Wonder is likely to implement the new internet packages after the drydock scheduled for the vessel in late September into early October, when regular maintenance may include upgrades to internet connectivity onboard.

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