Aidaprima which is german based Aida Cruises upcoming new generation class cruise ship will be delivered in December, 2015 after a three-month delay.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) which is building the delayed ship Aidaprima for Aida Cruises has announced the December delivery on the company’s site. Cruise Hive has kept a close eye on the vessel development which was originally scheduled to be delivered to the German cruise line in September, 2015.

We first knew about the Aidaprima being delayed early August and as a result the cruise line changed a planned maiden voyage from Yokohama, Japan on Oct 1st. Planned inaugural sailings including a call at Dubai was also affected by the delayed vessel. It’s not clear exactly what has caused the delay but with so many complicated phases on a brand new class ship this doesn’t come as a surprise.

The 124,500 gross ton Aidaprima is undergoing Sea trials after floating out of the Nagasaki shipyard not that long ago. The construction will move into its final phase including the ship’s crew preparing for that very first voyage in December. The 3,300 passenger ship is the first of two new generation vessels ordered by Aida Cruises. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will be constructing the second ship hopefully with no delay.

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