Cunard Presents Scientific Proof Chocolate Tastes Better At Sea

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Chocolate and sea salt is a combination as luxurious as any oceangoing voyage. One veteran Ocean Liner company claims to have scientific proof that chocolate tastes better when one eats it at sea.

Oxford Professor Explains Why Food Tastes Better At Sea

Once again, Easter Sunday is upon us, which means another holiday focused on eating, especially chocolate. Carnival-owned Cunard Line is already known the world over for offering elegant experiences at sea, especially its culinary options on board.

In the spirit of the Spring Holiday, they have recruited an expert to remind all of their would-be passengers that there is scientific proof that chocolate does indeed taste better at sea.

According to Oxford University’s leading “astrophysicist,” Professor Charles Spence: “It relates to the fact that food and drink seem to taste so much better when we are on holiday, whether this is with our family in the Mediterranean, or travelling solo with the sun on our backs. So nice in fact, that we are even tempted to buy a few bottles of that same holiday wine, to bring back home and share on a cold winter’s evening. Only it never tastes the same; it is disappointing somehow.

But there is more to it than just a psychological boost when we are on a cruise. A subtle addition of sea salt is added to the passenger’s senses due to our exposure to the waters of the ocean and the sea air.

Cunard Line Easter
Cunard Line Easter (Photo Courtesy: Cunard Line)

The reason is that when we are on holiday, we are likely to be relaxed and in a better mood, and food simply tastes better when we are in a better mood. Given that people don’t often cruise for work, they are likely to be happy and relaxed on their cruise hence making food and drink taste better,Spence added.

While we add salt deliberately to every course in the hopes of bringing out more flavor, the very air we breathe at sea adds even more, enhancing the flavors without us even knowing.

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Professor Spence explains, “Looking out on the sea while simultaneously smelling and hearing the ocean, is all likely to prime saltiness, leading to a more cognitive form of taste enhancement. In an experiment I conducted with a leading chef a few years ago, we were able to show that hearing the sounds of the sea made seafood taste better, so why not chocolate as well?”

Chocolates infused with sea salt are arguably a common sight nowadays in candy stores. The trifecta of salty, sweet, and bitterness combines with the chocolates’ natural mood-enhancing qualities to create an often irresistible experience. Add that to the unforgettable euphoria on one of Cunard’s ocean-going palaces.

Celebrate Easter Aboard Cunard

Boasting one of the proudest Ocean Liner legacies still in operation today, Cunard offers world-class cruising experiences in and to unforgettable destinations all around the world.

Queen Anne Cruise Ship
Photo Courtesy: Cunard Line

On Cunard, each sailing is different and unique. As Lee Powell, Vice President, Brand and Product at Cunard, says, “Special occasions deserve special ingredients.

“When it comes to Easter, the onboard teams on each of our three Queens go above and beyond to create a suitably indulgent celebration,” he explained.

Powell added, “Our skilled chefs will be creating incredibly elegant chocolate figurines and desserts, our bars will be serving chocolate cocktails and guests will enjoy chocolate treats across the weekend, including a total of almost 6,500 chocolate bunnies!

The Jewel of the United Kingdom currently operates three ships whose design resists the theme-park-like trend of other major cruise lines like Royal Caribbean International and Norwegian Cruises and rather maintains the style and tradition of a proper luxury liner: the Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth, and Queen Victoria. Their newest and largest ship yet, Queen Anne, is due to set sail in 2024.

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