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Cunard Line Release 175th Anniversary Timeline

Cunard Line continue to release informative videos about the cruise lines past and future for its 175th Anniversary year.

The time line begins with the launch of Samuel Cunard’s new company as it begins with Britannia s first scheduled voyage across the Atlantic in 1840. The video highlights key milestones in the company’s history including some of the worlds most famous ocean liners.

Even sad moments are remembered when Cunard’s Carpathia rescues survivors of White Star’s Titanic in 1912. The cruise line also teases us with whats to come in 2015 as the anniversary celebrations continue. The ships in the current sleet, Queen Victoria, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth will be meeting up at Cunard lines old headquarters in Liverpool on May 24th which will be a huge celebration for the British based cruise line.

Cruise Hive will continue to follow this historic year and keep readers informed. Feel free to post your thoughts on the video in the comments below.


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