Cuban Exiles Drop Lawsuit Against Carnival

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Carnival Corp had lawsuits filed against them. The Cuban exiles infuriated over the fact they could not board the cruise ship. The cruise line announcement last week changed the situation.

At first, sailing to Cuba proved difficult. When Carnival Corporation stated that it would not allow Cuban born passengers. In order, to appease the Cuban government, and go ahead with its anticipated voyage. This sparked protest against the cruise liner. Cuban exiles took action by filling lawsuits.

In response to the pressure. The cruise liner changed its position. Putting the trip to Cuba in question. A surprised change occurred. The Cuban government made a move by changing its regulation barring Cuban born passenger’s. Many excepted the issue to drag out, but this was not the case.

After, a rough start; the situation has settled. Carnival Corp. is proceeding with its plans. All passenger’s will be allowed to board. Cuban exiles are dropping their lawsuits against the cruise liner. Everything is going according to plan!

Fathom (Carnival Corps subsidiary brand) had a dramatic couple of weeks. The 30,277 ton Adonia scheduled to depart this Sunday to Cuba. Cruise Hive previously reported, this voyage to Cuba is the first in 50 years by the cruise liner. Putting an end to the ordeal in a Cinderella fashion. Cruise Hive will continue to report if any changes occur.

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