Cruise News Norwegian Cruise Line Cruise Ship Inches Away From Hitting Barge in Port Canaveral

Cruise Ship Inches Away From Hitting Barge in Port Canaveral

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A cruise ship has come just inches from hitting a barge in Port Canaveral, Florida.

Norwegian Breakaway which is operated by Norwegian Cruise Line came inches away from hitting a barge in Port Canaveral, Florida. Patrick Dukes posted a video which shows the large vessel moving extremely close to his barge while it was moored at the port.

Dukes is surprised at how near Norwegian Breakaway got while it was doing a maneuver at the turn around basin in Port Canaveral. He had to check the barge mooring lines to check if the boat was still secure.

Watch Cruise Ship Inches Away From Barge

Even though the video footage wasn’t displayed upright the near miss can still be clear and the cruise ship maneuvering thrusters can be seen working hard trying to avoid a collision.

As cruise ships get bigger we could see more near misses like this in the future. In fact, large cruise ships have already been in the news recently for similar incidents. Carnival Vista actually caused heavy damage to a Marina in Italy. In another incident, a resident living on the banks of Port Everglades in Florida was shocked to see a large Celebrity cruise ship drift to just meters away from his backyard.

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In this case with Norwegian Breakaway, we are very thankful the ship managed to move away and there were no injuries or damage. It isn’t known which date this occurred but the cruise ship did dock in the busy Florida port on Tuesday, October 3 as part of a 7-night cruise. The Norwegian cruise ship is based out of New York and is 145,655 gross tons and carrying over 4,000 passengers at double occupancy.

Norwegian Breakaway Inches away From Barge

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Norwegian Breakaway Inches away From Barge
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