Cruise News Cruise Ship Damaged And Runs Aground In Freeport, Bahamas

Cruise Ship Damaged And Runs Aground In Freeport, Bahamas

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On the night of Friday October 31st at around 9 PM the cruise ship known as Bahamas Celebration ran aground just outside the Freeport, Bahamas port.

The Bahamas Celebration which is a 35,500 ton cruise ship and operated by Celebration Cruise Line had just departed Freeport when it hit an object in the water. It’s not yet known what the object could have been and there is a possibility it might of hit the sea bed.

The cruise ship managed to turn around back to Freeport. Passengers were also told to don their life jackets and thankfully there have been no injuries reported. As a result the Bahamas Celebration is now stranded in Freeport along with its passengers and crew.

A Passenger onboard the ship at the time it happened has posted a video on YouTube and as you can see there seems to be many guests who have mustered at the muster station. Lots of questions are being ask along with some confusion:

Around 960 passengers were able to transfer to another cruise ship which is operated by a different cruise line Saturday evening (Nov 1st). Those passengers have been offered buses once the ship arrived back in Florida which would then take them back to Palm Beach.

According to Tribune242 salvage crews have spent the day inspecting the damage since 2 am Saturday November 1st. A small hole had been found on the side of the vessels hull. According to James Verillo, owner of the Bahamas Celebration cruise line, that hole has now been fixed.

This hasn’t stopped the cruise line from cancelling the next two scheduled cruises. passengers who were sailing on the cruise have been put up in local hotels until travel arrangements are made. Only essential crew remain onboard the vessel as crew members have also departed. On the cruise lines web sites it states “No Sailings On First 2 Weeks of November”.

The ship has been seen listing heavily onto one side and there was a 50 percent chance that the ship may sink but now that the hole has been fixed this is not the case.

The ship sails two-night cruises from Palm Beach to Freeport, Bahamas and then back again. Bahamas Celebration can carry over 1,000 guests and was built way back in 1981. Cruise Hive will keep readers informed on this developing story.

Photo By: The Bahamas Weekly

Bahamas Celebration Freepor

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Bahamas Celebration Freepor
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