Cruise Ship Breaks From Moorings and Hits Another Ship

Celebrity Constellation which is operated by Celebrity Cruises broke free from her moorings due to bad weather while docked at the port of La Spezia, Italy. Footage has been posted online of the worrying situation.

Celebrity Cruise Ship Breaks from Moorings

Celebrity Constellation was docked in La Spezia in Italy on Monday, October 29 when the ship broke free from her moorings due to bad weather at around 3:30 PM. The ship was forced to call there because of the bad conditions in the region at the time.

Celebrity Cruises gave Cruise Hive the following statement:

Earlier this afternoon while in port at approximately 3:30 p.m. a squall made its way across La Spezia. The strong winds caused our mooring lines to break from the pier. We quickly implemented our safety protocols and maneuvered within the harbor basin and dropped anchor until the inclement weather passed. There were no injuries and all of our guests are back on board. Constellation will depart shortly to her next port of call as scheduled.

A video was posted showing the large cruise ship adrift just off from the pier. The worrying thing is that Costa Magica, another large vessel was moored right next to the Celebrity Constellation. As the strong winds pushed the Celebrity ship around the aft hit the bow of the Costa ship.

⚠️Celebrity Constellation rompe amarras esta mañana, en el Puerto de La Spezia.⚠️https://crucerofun.comMira lo que sucede en este video ↙️?‍♀️Celebrity Constellation, perteneciente a la naviera Celebrity Cruises se encontraba amarrado en el puerto de La Spezia cuando de manera imprevista como consecuencia de los fuertes vientos y tormentas que azotan desde ayer a la región, rompió sus amarras quedando a la deriva. Tres remolcadores rápidamente llegaron a su rescate y trabajaron arduamente para asegurar que la nave no colisione con el Costa Magica que tambien se encontraba amarrado en el puerto.Se vivieron minutos de mucha tensión hasta que se lograr auxiliar con éxito a la nave. Las tornentas aun siguen sin cesar en la zona portuaria y sus alrededores . Muchas embarcaciones estan cambiando sus rumbos hacia puertos donde puedan detenerse sin complicaciones. Cinco embarcaciones que debian partir ayer desde el puerto de Venecia, aun se encuentran amarradas aguardando que pasen los fuertes vientos y el clima sea el adecuado para comenzar sus itinerarios.Esperemos que todo mejore pronto! #CelebrityConstellation #CruceroFun #LaSpezia #Fun #MomentosFun #ModoFun #Cruises #Cruceros? Chiara Angelinelli

Posted by Crucero Fun on Monday, October 29, 2018

No injuries have been reported at this time. The local Tug Boats managed to come to the rescue and after a little while had the Celebrity ship under control. The ship did end up back to the pier and moored with no major damage. As far as we know there was also no major damage done to Costa Magica.

Celebrity Constellation is currently coming to the end of an 11-night Mediterranean cruise which departed Civitavecchia on October 19. The ship is expected to return as normal to her homeport which is the main port for Rome on October 30.

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Many ships in the area have been impacted by bad weather. It’s always important to take out cruise insurance as you never know when mother nature strikes.

Celebrity Constellation is a 91,000 gross ton ship with a guest capacity of over 1,900. We have reached out to the cruise line for any further facts and details and will update this post if we get anything new.

This news comes after the recent technical issues on two Carnival ships and one Royal Caribbean ship. Carnival Victory had to cancel ports last week due to a propulsion issue, Carnival Sunshine canceled a call in Grand Turk due to a mechanical issue and Navigator of the Seas canceled ports due to some kind of stabilizer problem.


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