Cruise Passenger Rescued After Being Overboard

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A cruise ship passenger has been rescued by the MSC Divina after being overboard for at least an hour.

MSC Divina Overboard

For once we are glad to report that a passenger has been rescued after being overboard. In these cases, it usually doesn’t end so well but thankfully the crew of the MSC Divina activated overboard procedures and rescued the person.

It is not confirmed if the guest jumped overboard or not. It did happen at around 6:00 AM on September 26 as the MSC cruise ship was sailing towards Valencia, Spain. The news is only just coming out after it was first posted on the CruiseJunkie site.

A passenger who was on board at the time also posted a video of the overboard and the person was apparently in the water for well over an hour in the Meditteranean Sea. One of the ship’s lifeboats was launched to make the rescue.

MSC Divina was sailing a seven-day Meddittereanan cruise and hours before the overboard the ship had departed Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The scheduled call to Valencia was on September 26 with an arrival time of around 8:00 AM. The ship is currently based in Europe before reposition to offer Caribbean cruises out of Miami, Florida starting in November 2019.

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MSC Divina is 139,000 gross tons with a guest capacity of over 3,500 at double occupancy.

The last overboard we posted about was related to Symphony of the Seas in August 2019. An Australian man sadly died in the early hours of the morning, you can read more here.

MSC Divina Cruise Ship

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MSC Divina Cruise Ship
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