Cruise Lines Dive into April Fools’ Day with Outlandish Innovations

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Cruise lines around the globe embraced the playful spirit of April Fools’ Day, unveiling a series of whimsical and utterly fabricated innovations designed to tickle the fancy of cruise lovers everywhere. From Carnival’s soggy pizza savior to Royal Caribbean’s sea-plunging slide, the creativity on display April 1st knew no bounds.

Carnival Cruise Line’s Pasta Queen and the Fetta d’Acqua

Imagine enjoying your poolside pizza without the fear of it getting soggy from splashes or spills. This is how Carnival Cruise Line, in collaboration with the celebrated Pasta Queen, introduced the Fetta d’Acqua. 

The best-selling author and renowned Pasta Queen influencer asked viewers, “Do you ever wish your poolside pizza would just stay dry? Say goodbye to soggy pizza and hello to Fetta d’Acqua.”

The fake waterproof bag promised to keep pizza slices safe from “cannonballs, spilled spritzes, and soggy towels,” along with a host of other wet-makers that can ruin a good thing while sitting poolside on the upcoming Italian-style Carnival Firenze, slated to set sail this month from Long Beach, California.

Carnival Cruise Line Australia’s Air Force Fun

Down Under, Carnival Cruise Line Australia took the prank a notch higher with its Air Force Fun concept. The new pretend airline promised to whisk passengers directly to their next Carnival Cruise.

Carnival Cruise Line Australia's April Fools
Carnival Cruise Line Australia’s April Fools

The idea was met with a mix of amusement and longing from fans, leading Carnival Cruise Line to reveal its April Fools’ nature and playfully reminding travelers, “While we’d love to take you to the skies, we can only elevate your experience while cruising with us. Air Force Fun might be a dream, but remember fun is the ultimate destination.”

Carnival’s jet was a followup to its 2023 April Fool’s prank, the Carnival Velocity, the “fastest cruise ever” that that could visit 20 beaches in one day and give guests a 5-minute cruise to Cozumel.

Carnival Cruise Line’s New Homeport

Everyone’s favorite Carnival brand ambassador, John Heald, said, “April Fools Day is so over-rated and childish, you won’t find me indulging in such tomfoolery” before announcing Carnival Valor’s new homeport would be in Cleveland, Ohio.

Carnival Cleveland
Carnival Cleveland

Commenters didn’t think the joke was such a bad idea, saying they partake in a Great Lakes cruise.

Fred Olsen Cruise Line’s Slippery Slide to Fun

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines shared its too-good-to-be-true slide-to-bar feature, offering a one-way, thrilling ride from its largest Olsen Suites situated just behind the bridge, directly to the S-Lido Bar and pool.

Fred Olsen April Fools
Fred Olsen April Fools

Accompanied by a convincingly edited image, the announcement sparked conversations about the practicality and sheer joy such a slide would bring, along with a humorous call for two-way slides and onboard healthcare for those who might indulge in the new feature a bit too much.

Royal Caribbean’s Ship n Slide

Royal Caribbean International also promised an adrenaline-pumping slide for its April Fool’s prank. Teasing a new level of excitement, the cruise line “introduced” a 620-meter slide that would take passengers straight from the pool deck into the sea.

Calling the new attraction “Ship n Slide,” Royal Caribbean announced the experience would be arriving in Australia on a new Quantum Class ship.

The response was mixed with disbelief and intrigue, only for RCL to assure everyone it was just a playful jest and that safety remains their top priority, even in the realm of April Fools.

Royal Caribbean April Fools
Royal Caribbean April Fools

“Don’t worry, if we were to bring you the world’s first Ship n Slide, the water safety net would be in place as well as an additional elevator to help you get back onboard,” the cruise line replied.

It’s not the first time Royal Caribbean’s Australian social media team pulled our leg. Last year, it announced a new Quantum Class ship, Crikey of the Seas. That fake Australian-themed ship would feature several firsts at sea, including a cricket field, Budgie Beach for tight-fitting men’s swimwear, BBQs on balcony suites, and Aussie-inspired cocktails like the Vegemite mojito.

MSC Cruises and the Zero-Gravity Experience

MSC Cruises leaped into the future for April 1 with its fake video that unveiled plans for a “zero-gravity cabin.” The unbelievable (truly) cabin would allow passengers to experience weightlessness at sea “at the touch of a button” through patented technology.

MSC Cruises Zero-Gravity
MSC Cruises Zero-Gravity

The far-fetched feature, illustrated by floating hairbrushes, pillows, and passengers, announced the new experience would be available in April 2025 for those “seeking thrills beyond the ordinary.”

Sometimes, the most unforgettable journeys begin with a good laugh!

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