Cruise Liners Could Hire Special Commando Units

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The last thing the cruise industry expected was to be a target of terror organizations. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s being reported. The experts are getting a lot of scary reports on the subject. As passengers become worried, cruise lines could go the extra mile to ensure these things don’t happen. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Some might say this is becoming the new normal. Intelligence agencies are stating that terror organizations, might be planning terror attacks on cruise ships. The fear here is that they may use suicide boats to ram the side of ships. The Mediterranean is the area in question. ISIS is the organization that has the intelligence agencies worried.

As scary as that sounds, precautions are being taken. Cruise liners could go to the extreme by deciding to hire private contractors. Their own personal commandos, when traveling through dangerous waters. These tactical teams are not just training to stop suicide boats, but also to prevent a hijacking. This would be a worst case scenario. Nobody, wants to imagine a luxury cruise liner with hostages.

Multiple governments have sent specially trained commandos to the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea to escort vessels. Elite units have also been deployed to counter any terrorist suicide boats in the area. Libya is considering a very possible launching point for any extremist activity in the Mediterranean. Suicide boats have been used to attack US naval ships.

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