Cruise Line Significantly Raises Drinks Package Prices

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In an update from UK-based Ambassador Cruise Line, guests can expect an increase in the prices of onboard drinks packages. At the beginning of September 2023, prices will go up by an average of 15 to 18%, with the most expensive package now costing £44.95 per person per day. 

The cruise line encourages guests on future cruises to book packages before the hike comes into effect to be able to take advantage of the old price structure. 

Ambassador Cruise Line Raises Drinks Package Prices

UK-based Ambassador Cruise Line has announced a new price hike to their drinks packages, starting September 1, 2023. 

The company released a statement addressing the change: “From the 1st of September, our drinks packages will be increasing in price to ensure we can offer the very best experiences in our lounges and bars. Including services and gratuities, our onboard packages allow you to make the most of your holiday.”

“We would advise guests looking to take advantage of the current drinks package prices to purchase this for their booking before 1 September 2023.”

Ambassador Cruise Line Ship
Ambassador Cruise Line Ship (Photo Credit: Vytautas Kielaitis / Shutterstock)

Ambassador Cruise Line offers three distinct ‘adult’ drinks packages to cater to various preferences and budgets. The Ambassador Experience Package is the basic offering. It includes all gratuities and service charges for the duration of the cruise and provides unlimited non-alcoholic beverages. 

In the mid-tier, there is the Ambassador Explorer Package. It adds house brands from the bar list and house wines. Additionally, this package gives guests the advantage of a 50% discount on premium beverages from the bar.

Finally, the premium tier is the Ambassador Expedition Package. It includes all the benefits of the Explorer package but expands the drinks selection to include premium wines and drinks from the bar list. Additionally, it includes premium teas and specialty coffees.

Changes In Prices Across Packages

If you are planning a cruise, the cost has increased for all packages. Below is an example of a 10-day cruise. 

For the Ambassador Experience Package, the pre-cruise price was £180.00, but with the new pricing, it has increased to £209.50. This means you would spend an additional £29.50 for the same package now. 

Similarly, for the Ambassador Explorer Package, the cost has gone up from £330.00 to £389.50, which means an increase of £59.50. The most significant increase is seen in the Ambassador Expedition Package. Previously, a 10-day cruise would cost £380.00, but now it would cost £449.50, an increase of £69.50.

It’s helpful to take a closer look at the old and new pricing structures for a clearer understanding of the impending changes. In the Ambassador Experience Package, onboard prices will increase by £20.00 for 2 to 4-night stays and by £2.95 per night for stays exceeding five nights.

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In the Ambassador Explorer Package, onboard prices will rise by £20.00 for shorter stays and £5.95 per night for longer ones. In the premium Ambassador Expedition Package, onboard prices increase by the same rate as the Explorer Package, with £20.00 for 2 to 4-night stays and £6.95 per night for cruises longer than five nights.

It’s important to note that pre-cruise prices will remain the same for shorter stays across all packages. However, for stays of 5 nights or more, there will be a per-night increase ranging from £2.95 to £6.95, depending on the package.

More Changes Coming

In a separate development, the cruise line announced changes to its Ambassador Adventurers Package, aimed at children. The package will now be split into two categories: one for children aged 0-11 and another for teenagers aged 12-17. 

Ambassador Cruise Line's Ambition Cruise Ship
Rendering Courtesy: Ambassador Cruise Line

Both packages, which include gratuities and service charges for the duration of the cruise, are available only on cruises between 5 and 29 days in length. The package for kids aged 0-11 costs £13 if purchased pre-cruise or £15 if bought onboard. The package for kids 12-17 is priced at £16 pre-cruise or £18 onboard.

Ambassador Cruise Line operates two cruise ships: Ambience and Ambition. Ambience, the former Regal Princess and later Pacific Dawn, first sailed for Ambassador Cruise Line on April 20, 2022.

The second ship, Ambition, set sail in May 2023. Ambition launched in 1999 as Mistral for Festival Cruises. She later sailed as Grand Mistral for Ibero Cruises, Costa neoRiviera for Costa Cruises, and AIDAmar for AIDA Cruises.

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