Cruise Line Policies Can I Bring Alcohol on a Cruise? (Cruise Line Alcohol Drink Policies)

Can I Bring Alcohol on a Cruise? (Cruise Line Alcohol Drink Policies)


Can I bring alcohol on a cruise? This is the question myself and many other cruisers have asked in the past so to help you out I’ve decided to put together all the cruise line alcohol policies in relation to what you can take onboard. You can keep checking back on this list as it will always be updated as the cruise lines constantly change their alcohol policies and drink packages.

Let’s start with the specific cruise line details and then I’ll explain the even further down below:

Carnival Cruise Line Alcohol Policy

The beverage program for Carnival has been long discussed and is always changing so I’ve dug deep and found out what you need to know about bringing alcohol on a Carnival cruise ship.

The only alcohol passengers can take on the Carnival cruise ship is one 750 ml bottle of wine which must be sealed and new. You can also take a bottle of champagne on the ship but just like the wine, it must be a 750ml bottle and fully sealed. Any of these bottles must be put in your carry-on luggage and not in any checked luggage.

The cruise line will not compensate you if any other types of alcohol are found in carry-on or checked luggage including beer and liquors. The wine and champagne can only be brought onboard when embarking the cruise ship at its home port.

Celebrity Cruises Alcohol Policy

Celebrity Cruises follows the trend of Carnival and guests can only bring two 750ml bottles of wine or champagne on the day of first boarding. When going through security at the cruise terminal in the home port the bottles will have to be new and fully closed otherwise they will likely be taken away from you. The cruise line or terminal security aren’t going to give the alcohol back to you. Any beer or liquor is completely banned from taking onboard unless at the destinations where you’ll have to hand it in until the end of the voyage.

Costa Cruises Alcohol Policy

All passengers are banned from taking any alcohol onboard Costa Cruises. The cruise line does not allow a limited amount of wine or champagne bottles like other cruise lines. if any alcohol is found in luggage the cruise line will keep it until the end of the voyage.

Disney Cruise Line Alcohol Policy

I’m surprised about Disney as they allow not just two 750 ml bottles of wine or champagne but also six beers which are no more than 12 ounces. You’ll only be able to bring this alcohol onboard when boarding the ship at the start of the cruise and everything must not be opened. The beer, wine or champagne must be packed in carry-on luggage. Anything in checked luggage along with any banned alcohol will be taken out and given back at the end of the cruise.

Disney Cruise Line also charges a corkage fee of $25 per bottle of you want to drink the alcohol you brought onboard in the main dining room.

Holland America Line Alcohol Policy

When you arrive at the cruise terminal to begin your amazing cruise vacation you’ll want to be prepared when it comes to what you can and can’t take onboard. For alcohol, Holland America allows one 750 ml bottle of closed wine or champagne when boarding the ship at the beginning of the cruise.

However, the cruise line does allow more bottles as long as you’re willing to pay the $18 corkage fee for each additional bottle. if you do decide this any bottles of wine or champagne must be in your carry-on luggage.

Passengers can’t take any beer, boxed wine or liquor on board but if purchased in the ship’s gift shops or in the ports of call they will be stored away until the end of the cruise by cruise ship staff.

MSC Cruises Alcohol Policy

Sorry, but if you enjoy your own bottle of wine or champagne then maybe MSC Cruises isn’t for you. Passengers are banned from taking any alcohol or food onboard the cruise ship and if you try security will take it off you and never give it back. Just like other cruise line MSC does have a policy in place when cruisers of 21 years old purchase at the ports of call.

Norwegian Cruise Line Alcohol Policy

Can you bring alcohol on NCL? Well, you can but only if it is a sealed bottle of wine or champagne. Norwegian Cruise Line does charge you but they do allow a bottle over the usual 750 ml. Passengers have to pay $15 for a 750 ml bottle and $30 for a 1,500 ml Magnum bottle. The cruise line doesn’t allow any other types of alcohol so don’t try and sneak any in your checked luggage! NCl also doesn’t allow any boxes of wine.

If you but any alcohol in the ports of call during the cruise it must be handed over to the staff at the gangway when getting back on board. The alcohol will then be stored away in a safe place on the ship and guests can collect it either on the last day of the cruise or the day of disembarkation.

P&O Cruises Alcohol Policy

The British-based cruise line is the largest in the UK but don’t think they will let you onboard one of their ships without rules on how much alcohol you can bring.

The cruise line has posted on its site that cruisers are able to bring a limited amount of alcohol but no specific details are given. It will be up to the terminal custom staff on what alcohol will be allowed onboard. If you do manage to get your wine, champagne or even beer on the ship P&O Cruises will charge a corkage fee of 15 pounds when drinking your alcohol in public spaces.

Princess Cruises Alcohol Policy

Princess Cruises does let guests only bring onboard one 750 ml bottle of wine or champagne per adult and per voyage. If the bottle is over 750 ml it will be taken away by security when first boarding the cruise at its home port. The cruise line has also mentioned on its site that any other alcohol found in carry-on and checked luggage will be confiscated.

It does get more interesting from here because unlike some of the other major cruise lines passengers can take more bottles of wine or champagne onboard but a $15 corkage fee will be applied. the fee won’t be applied to the first bottle. Of course, the bottles will have to be totally sealed and not opened.

Royal Caribbean Alcohol Policy

Royal Caribbean has a similar alcohol policy to Carnival where guests can only bring two 750ml bottles of champagne or wine when first boarding the vessel. The policy is per stateroom so don’t try and bring more bottles or any other alcohol per person as the cruise line will take it away and not give it back.

If passengers purchase any alcohol at the destinations during the cruise the cruise line will hold any more alcohol which is brought onboard until the end of the cruise.

This would include any liquor or beer purchased when in port, the ship’s crew will make you hand over the alcohol which will then be delivered to the stateroom at the end of the voyage.

Can I take alcohol onboard the cruise ship?

So the bottom line is, you can take alcohol on a cruise ship but for most cruise lines you’re limited to a bottle of wine or champagne. When bringing alcohol on the cruise ship or even purchasing in the ports of call guests must be 21 years old or over. Most cruise ships which are based outside the United States the age for alcohol is 18 and over. It is best to check the specific cruise line for the nitty-gritty rules.

There are a lot of tax and duty-free stores at the destinations and on the cruise ship so in most cases the cruise line will let you purchase but then keep the alcohol in a safe locked up location until the end of the cruise. Some cruise lines will deliver to your stateroom and some make you go and pick it up on the last day or the day of disembarking the ship

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