Cruise Line Policies Can I Smoke on a Cruise Ship? (Cruise Line Smoking Policies)

Can I Smoke on a Cruise Ship? (Cruise Line Smoking Policies)


Cruise line smoking policies many cruisers should check before going on a cruise vacation, can I smoke on a cruise ship? If you are a smoker or not it is best to check with the cruise line you’re booking with. Thankfully, we’ve gone through all the main cruise lines and dug out the smoking policy for each. This will be a handy guide to help you out but you can also get more details from the cruise line sites which we included.

Carnival Cruise Line Smoking Policy

Carnival has a pretty straight forward policy and has rules which passengers would not want to break. Just like other cruise line smoking policies Carnival wants to keep smokers and non-smokers happy during the voyage.

Carnival Smoking Locations

For those wanting to light up then don’t worry as Carnival does have designated smoking areas depending on the class ship. Cruisers can smoke at a designated smoking area on the ships open deck. There are also certain areas within the ship’s nightclub for smoking but not including Carnival Horizon, Carnival Vista, and Carnival Sunshine. Guests playing in the Casino can smoke only in the designated area.

Carnival has a very detailed page which tells you exactly where you can smoke on each ship.

Carnival Stateroom Smoking Policy

Guests are forbidden to smoke in staterooms no matter what the type. This also includes all balconies. Not just cigarettes but also other types including cigars, electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes), tobacco pipes and personal vaporizers.

Carnival Cruise Line will charge any guest smoking in the stateroom or on the balcony. The cruise line will charge $250 which will be for cleaning and refreshing the cabin, this amount will automatically be charged to the Sail & Sign account.


Carnival’s smoking policy can be found here.
$250 Cleaning fee if caught smoking in the cabin or on the balcony.
The smoking area is located on open deck specific to each ship.
No smoking in public areas.

Celebrity Cruises Smoking Policy

Can you smoke on Celebrity Cruises? Below are the details according to the cruise line’s site which could change at any time so please check again before your cruise.

Celebrity Cruises Smoking Locations

Celebrity Cruises doesn’t give too many details on smoking locations aboard the ship. Guests are advised to check with the information desk during the cruise to find the designated smoking area for that specific ship.

Celebrity Cruises Stateroom Smoking Policy

Smoking in any type stateroom is strictly prohibited and just like other cruise lines, Celebrity will charge a cleaning fee of $250. Celebrity Cruises could also implement further action against any guest caught smoking.


Celebrity Cruises Smoking Policy can be found here.
$250 Cleaning fee if caught smoking in the cabin or on the balcony.
Rules apply to cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes and pipe tobacco.

Royal Caribbean Smoking Policy

Royal Caribbean has a pretty detailed smoking policy which is important to take a look at if you are a smoker or not.

Royal Caribbean Smoking Locations

To keep all guests happy the cruise line does have designated smoking areas onboard cruise ships. On Oasis-class ships there is a smoking area on the port side, guests are to follow the signage. On all other type vessels the smoking area is outside on the starboard side and again there will be visible signs. Smoking is also allowed in the ship’s casino but there is also an area for non-smokers. Ashtrays are provided by Royal Caribbean at the designated smoking locations onboard.

Royal Caribbean Stateroom Smoking Policy

Smoking in all type staterooms are not allowed and this strict policy also includes the balcony. If caught smoking in the stateroom or on the balcony a cleaning fee of $250 will be charged to the on board SeaPass account.

If any guest breaks the smoking policy rules on Royal Caribbean ships the cruise line can take further action as stated in the “Consequences Section” of the Guest Conduct Policy.


  • Royal Caribbean Smoking Policy can be found here.
  • $250 Cleaning fee if caught smoking in the cabin or on the balcony.
  • Oasis-class smoking area outside on port side.
  • All other class ships smoking area is outside on starboard side.

Norwegian Cruise Line Smoking Policy

Just like other major cruise line smoking policies, NCL is strict which all passengers must follow. The cruise line last amended its policy in 2014.

NCL Smoking Location

On cruise ships which feature “The Waterfront” smoking is allowed at a designated area on the starboard side but away from the dining areas. The designated smoking area on each ship is specific so cruisers will have to follow the signs and rule when onboard the ship. Smoking is generally prohibited in public areas except for those playing in the casino and those only wanting to smoke cigars in the dedicated cigar lounge.

NCL Stateroom Smoking Policy

Smoking is not allowed in staterooms and on balconies. Guest staying in Garden Villas can smoke in their private garden and private sun decks. Any type of smoking in all other type cabins are not allowed and if caught Norwegian Cruise Line will charge a fee.

Norwegian Cruise Line will charge any guests caught smoking in their cabin or on their balcony a $250 cleaning fee. The cruise line will also charge for any cigarette damage accordingly.


  • NCL smoking policy can be found here.
  • $250 Cleaning fee charged to guests smoking in the cabin or on the balcony.
  • Ships with “The Waterfront” have smoking areas on Starboard side.
  • Follow each ship designated smoking area, no smoking in public areas.

Princess Cruise Line Smoking Policy

Some important details of the smoking policy from Princess Cruises. Before you head off on a Princess cruise vacation you might want to read below first.

Princess Cruises Smoking Location

With Princess Cruises, it does depend on the ship but in general, there are designated smoking areas in the Casino, Cigar Lounge, Night Club and certain areas on the open deck. The policy in the Casino is more detailed as those playing at the slot machines can smoke but at the casino bar, no smoking is allowed. In all other areas onboard lighting up is not allowed.

Princess Cruises Stateroom Smoking Policy

Princess Cruises has banned all smoking in cabins and on balconies since 2012 and nothing has changed. It’s never good to have a smelly smoke odor in the room and the cruise line will charge any guest who smokes in the stateroom or on the balcony. A fee of $250 will be charged to a guest onboard account if caught smoking in the room.


  • Princess Cruises smoking policy can be found here.
  • Only smoking allowed in designated areas
  • $250 cleaning charge for those caught smoking in cabins or on balconies.

Holland America Line Smoking Policy

Holland America Line recently updated its smoking policy in 2017 and we’ll detail some of the most important parts of it which can help smokers and non-smoking passengers.

Holland America Smoking Locations

No smoking in any type stateroom or on any verandah is not allowed. Smoking in public areas on board is prohibited and guest can only light up in certain smoking areas. The cruise line does offer a detailed breakdown of specific smoking locations. With Holland America, smoking locations include Sea View Bar on Starboard side, Sun bar for Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam and Sports Deck forward and aft of Crow’s Nest on the starboard side for several different ships in the fleet.

Holland America Stateroom Policy

No smoking is permitted in any type cabin throughout the fleet. if the cruise line does catch any guest not following the policy in cabin verandahs a cleaning charge of $250 will be charged. Holland America Line takes cruise line smoking policies seriously and could also remove any passenger from the ship if any repeat violations.


  • Removal from ship if repeat violations
  • $250 cleaning fee if smoking in any stateroom or verandah.
  • Only smoking allowed in specifically designated areas depending on the ship.

General Note On Cruise Line Smoking Policies

A few things you also need to take not on which will generally apply to most major cruise lines is the smoking age and items to smoke. In most cases, the rules apply to not just cigarettes but also to e-cigarettes, cigars and any tobacco item. If you’re not sure also check with the information service desk during the cruise as each ship can be different.

Cruise Line Smoking Policies
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