Cruise Line Introducing Underwater Lounge For Future Ships

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Ponant introduces underwater lounges for its cruise ships. Cruise passengers will enjoy marine life in a new way. A remarkable feat the company is not shying away from.

The French based company will offer salon style underwater lounges.  Passengers can have a one of a kind experience because of a ceiling to floor design. The world’s first subaquatic ship lounge. Boasts, giant windows built into the hull that provide passengers a look into marine life in their natural environment. The underwater salons are state of the art facilities.

Take a look at the 4 future cruise ships for the French cruise line below:

Ponant’s four new vessels will feature the underwater lounges. The four new ships will only accommodate 184 passengers. Vessels of small design at 127m long. Can navigate smaller waterways and coastlines. Ponant has stated the ships will be polar region certified. The first will set sail in 2018.

Observing marine life is not the only added perk. An infinity pool, sun deck and scuba facilities will be made available. The 92 state rooms will have private balconies, formal and casual dining areas, and numerous bars. Passengers will have access to multitude of facilities.

Ponant stated the vessels size opens up many possibilities. Waterways not accessible to larger ships will not be a problem. Increasing the variety for passengers when they travel to different areas. In a promotional video the company shows the diversity of these destinations.

Underwater Lounge

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Underwater Lounge
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